The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang

Hi Guys and Gals,

    This is actually a sequel to Matrixing Chi, in certain ways, but it is also a ‘stand alone’ book.

    It is based on the second art in the Butterfly Pa Kua Chang course. It goes more in depth, and I would hope that it augments, and isn’t merely restatements.

    I recommend getting the Butterfly Pa Kua Chang course and getting the whole view.

    Pa Kua Chang is one of the most interesting martial Arts I have ever studied. It is also one of the most simple. Indeed, the real difficulty comes not from the complexity, but from the ability to simplify oneself.

    I have to say that most people that I have seen do Pa Kua Chang incorrectly. This seems to be because they have separated it into two arts, the circle and a bunch of hand motions.

    Hand motions are Shaolin, or other art, based. And circle walking is the heart of the beast.

    Circle walk enough and you reach the true reach the truth of yourself.

    Leave the circle, immerse yourself in clever tricks and endless hand formations, and you lengthen the amount of time it takes to reach the true art.

    I began Pa Kua in the mid seventies. I began with a little book called ‘Pa Kua Chang for Self Defense.’

    Man, I poured over those pics, tried to understand the directions, and found myself in a different universe.

    Over the years I read more books, saw videos, met people, and was always first in line when this art was mentioned.

   In the nineties I decided to get serious, so I walked the circle for two hours a day for two years. I went through the sixty four classical changes, and amazing things happened.

    My legs became dense, like oaks.

    I felt energy swirling through me.

    One day I observed bands of energy swirling up my arms.

    And, one day I had to move fast, and it was like lightening was in my legs; really, there was no stopping me, and what the art had done to me.

    When I ceased that particular activity I remember the gardner trying to plow up my little circle. After two years the earth was like concrete, and his motor tiller hit that patch and clunked once and died. He tapped on it with a shovel, and it actually rang. In the end he hired a couple of workers and they spent a couple of hours with pick axes before they managed to disassemble the earth I had trod.

    If that happens in the earth, what happened in my legs?

    Do you understand?

    So, if you are a martial artist, and by that I mean somebody who lasts more than a half dozen years, I think that you will be pleased with this book I have written.

    It is simple, yet it is deep.

    It tells you why Pa Kua works, what happens in the legs, what you should be doing with the arms.

    Most important, while it explains much of the mysticism that surrounds this incredible art, it does not fall to mysticism. It is a work of physics; it is a work of Neutronics, which is the physics of the Martial Arts.

    The result is that it is understandable and in plain and simple English.

    Now, one other thing I want to cover concerning this book.

    If you do this book,I mean REALLY DO IT, dedicate yourself to an hour or two a day, and follow the instructions EXACTLY, you are going to be a changed martial artist, and in a very short period of time.

    And, here is the question: why do I want you to do it so fast?

    Here is the answer:

   The true Martial Art is not a bunch of moves, it is not this art or that, it is not a secret or a gimmick or a mystical thing handed down by priests of some mysterious sect.

    The True Art is you.

    All martial arts, their only purpose is to push you forward, educate you, enlighten you, and awaken you.

    This art is more efficient. It is more simple, more direct (a circle that ismore direct, imagine that, grin), and done as I prescribe you will find the truth of you.

   The truth of you is more important than anything in the universe.

    In this universe there are objects, which fly around and clunk into things. And there are people. People are what has thought, motivation, impetus; it is people that make this universe work.

    Does this planet work?

    Nope. Full of war and crime and disease and bad people.

    Pa Kua Chang can help change that.

    Pa Kua Chang can give this planet a new direction. It can wake up enough people that we actually take charge of our own destiny, and guide this planet in the most harmonious and beneficial method possible.

    So I want you to go fast. I want ALL of you to wake up.

    I want to fix this planet.

    And that is why I make these courses that enable people to learn faster.

    When I was in school everybody told me to shut up and follow directions, which meant to go slower.

    But I’m not in school anymore. Now I am the teacher, and all the idiot teachers that slowed me down have died and gone away, and I have only one instruction for all the students out there.

    Hurry up! Go fast! Think quick, but deep, and find the truth of yourself!

    And that’s why I think you should get this book.


The book is 134 pages,

There are 273 graphics.

The system has been completely matrixed,

and there are neutronic descriptions of the simple motors you must engage.

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Al Case