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Three books that teach where the Art came from,

what it is.

and where it is going.

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(Half hard/half soft)

    Pan Gai Noon is a system from China.

   There were originally three forms in the system.

    These forms were called Sanchin, Seisan, and Sanseiru.

    Sanchin was a beginning form; a Power form.

    Seisan was the middle form; a technique form.

    Sanseiru was the last form; a demonstration form.

    Of the first form it is said,

‘If you don’t know Sanchin,

you don’t know Karate.’

    In my experience, this is true.


the classical systems of karate

have made it (for the most part) into a breathing form.

which doesn’t get to the very real Power of it.

I present the real power of it,

the way it was originally meant to be.

The second form

is a technique form.

Seisan means ‘thirteen.’

and this might mean any number of things.

Thirteen techniques,

thirteen concepts,

maybe something else.

But the truth of the matter

is that Seisan takes the power of Sanchin

and makes real use of it.

You practice enough motion

to evade,

and set up the grip and the grab,

then you rip, maim, and pummel,

until you are the only one left standing.


the way it is meant to be used.

The third form

is Sanseirui.

While this is often considered a show form,

it has a wealth of technique,

which takes the very real power of the system

to its logical conclusion.

Three forms,

applications galore,

and it is the single art

that is most influential

to the development of Karate

on Okinawa.



(House for Espousing Virtue)

On the surface,

this art looks like a Shotokan based art.

The truth is

it is a pure,

untainted version

as it was originally intended

by the creators of Karate.

Just think,

Karate before commercialism.

Before tournaments and protective gear,

before the mass marketing that watered it down.

If you study Karate,

or a karate based Art,

this is the historical perspective

that will change the  way you think.

Ten forms,

fifty applications.

the stuff that the Okinawan Imperial bodyguards actually learned.

Stuff that very few people,

no matter how much Karate they think they studied,

have ever seen.



(Fist Method)


there are great Artists.

One of these was Bob Babich.

He trained originally in Kyokushin,

and then the Kang Duk Won.

In the Kang Duk Won

he could do things that others couldn’t.

One day,

for instance,

responding to a joking challenge by one of his students,

he stuck his index finger through a piece of plywood

and left a nice, little hole.

    One of the gifts of his genius

was a series of forms.

I pried these forms loose from the Kang Duk Won

and called them Kwon Bup.

They are

Straight line, to the point, and can’t be denied. This type of intention.

was the hallmark of Bob’s Karate.

very machine-like,

very linear,

and describe a certain straight line intention.

Do these forms long enough,

and with enough intensity

and perhaps an individual could understand

the genius of Mr. Babich.

This course has

    the beginning basic forms,

    two Intermediate forms

(which include redundant material

from the third intermediate form).

    The advanced Kicking Form.

(If you want kicks that’ll knock an elephant on his backside,

this is the one!)


Evolution of an Art has:

Pan Gai Noon                18858 words        141 pages        159 graphics

Kang Duk Won               22237 words        267 pages        673 graphics

Kwon Bup                        7798 words         104 pages        203 graphics

TOTAL                           48893 words        512 pages       1035 graphics




here’s the crux of it all,

for what good does the study of an Evolution of Art have

if you don’t know how to absorb it.

So here’s what I recommend.


glance over the books.

Just ‘leaf’ through them,

get a feel for them.


start with the first one,

do the first form

until you can do it

without referring to the manual.

    Get a friend to do the applications with,

and practice until,


you don’t have to refer to the manual.


move on to the second form.

    You don’t have to memorize these forms,

unless, of course,

you find one that really makes your day,

then work the heck out of it

and remember it forever.

    Just do them,

one at a time,

until you don’t need to keep looking at the books,

then move on.



   This will give you the meat,

the feel,

and the essence of each Form,

and...of each Art.

    As you proceed

you will begin to understand

how the Art changed,

and yet,

in some factors,

stayed the same.

    You can take note of the effects of different cultures,

countries, and so on.

    You can examine this material

in a dozen different ways.

    The end result,

of course,

is that you are going to have all the information necessary

to be a master of Karate.

    There is just so much material

that you couldn’t NOT master Karate.

    I only want to say one other thing.

    I have made mention of studying a variety of different Arts

to come up with Matrixing.

This course,

‘Evolution of an Art,’

illustrates that fact.

I studied (and created)

far more than just the systems of Karate in this book,

I examined virtually every system I could find,

in depth.


I also did this for

Tai Chi, Pa Kua Chang,

certain systems of Kung Fu,

and so on.


that last word being said,

read this book,

study it,

do it,

and come to understand where Karate came from,

the fact of evolution,

and where it is going.

    When you are done..

you will have all the information necessary

to be a Master of Karate.

There is no doubt.


One Cd with three books (PDF format)

Four CDs with

Pang Gan noon,

Kang Duk Won,

and Kwon Bup.

This is the forms,

the applications,


This is a complete study,

a complete breakdown

of one of the most brutal and efficient Arts in the world.

This is the past, the present, and the future,

of an ENTIRE Art.


what would you pay for such material?

Let’s see, three years of tuition for each Art,

(if you could actually find a competent instructor in each art)

that’s nine years,

times fifty dollars a month

(cheap tuition, isn’t it?)



you heard me right.


So just make out a check to me for $1800, and...

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I’ll tell you what,


You’ve seen the quality of my writing on this site,

you know that I am a professional writer,

with over forty years experience in the Martial Arts,

and this is three Arts

professionally dissected

and presented.

The actual evolution of an ENTIRE art.


no laughter now,

if these three books were offered separately,

you’d pay $20 for each one

at your local supply store,

and that wouldn’t include

the DVDs,

and you know I’m right.

So not $1800

not even $100.


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