(Monkey Boxing!)

The story of  Matrix Kung Fu, what I often call Monkey Boxing, is interesting, and it is one of the biggest breakthroughs I have ever made. It is one of the crucial pieces to the whole martial arts puzzle.

I had studied a lot of different arts. A short list would be four types of Kenpo, Eight types of Karate, Aikido, Northern Shaolin (Ton Toi), Southern Shaolin (Fut Ga), some Wing Chun (specifically the Sticky Hands), several types of Pa Kua, weapons, and so on.

Mind you, some of these studies were truncated and odd, some of them were wildly in depth. Some of them I spent a lot of time on, some of them I slid through and cataloged them and continued on.

At any rate, I had a fair amount of martial arts under my belt, over thirty years worth of studies, and I had done a lot of teaching.

The one thing that bugged me, however, was that it didn’t all fit together. There were so many holes, so many gaps between arts, points at which the martial arts even conflicted, and so on.

This went against my western mind. I believed in logic, I wanted things to be nice and tidy, I wanted the martial arts to make sense as one body of knowledge. Thus, one day, a result of this underlying irritation, I decided to ‘solve the martial arts.’

As far as I know, this is the first and only time the martial arts had been considered as a problem which had to be solved. Up to this point, you see, the Martial Arts were the the result of necessity, or of inspiration. They had been cobbled together, bits and pieces compiled by location/geography/etc., ordered by whim, passed on by tournament and vested interest, and so on.

But I wanted to solve them, and in this I managed to pose the martial arts as a vast, gigantic puzzle.

One day I got out all my boxes of notes, my video collections, my books, and even my memory, and I began listing the techniques of the martial arts on the backs of business cards. I filled out thousands of cards, techniques on kicking, throws, punches, combos, everything, and I laid the whole mess out.

My living room was covered with cards...and it was a big living room. I had cards filled with techniques everywhere, on the rug, on the tables, on the furniture, everywhere.

My wife came home, saw the thing, and thought I was crazy. Well, she was likely right, but the monkey was jumping up and down on my back now, I had started, and I had to see the thing through.

I began to categorize the cards, not by art or style, but by technique. I put the kicks over here, the punches there, left handed techniques stacked up there, the various types of throws in little bunches across the wall, and so on.

Slowly, I began to look at what I had, and I began to throw away duplicate techniques. Then I began to work on poser techniques, the ones where the attacker has to wait for the defender to do his thing. The groupings of techniques began to take shape, and I began to realize certain things.

There was a geometry that threaded through the arts, and the individual arts could be defined by these geometries. The arts did not go against each other, they actually fit together. And the whole puzzle, all the pieces, began to fit together.

Whole chunks of knowledge slid across my mind, turned, and backed into different places. Techniques slithered through my head, chose different arts. Arts twisted and morphed and began to take on incredibly simple shapes.

Eventually I wound up with some 72 techniques.

I had a school at the time, and I chose one of the fellows for a test case. His name was Mike.

I took Mike aside, and I began to teach him the techniques I had isolated. As I taught him I went through another process, and the techniques eventually dropped down to 40.

40 techniques covered all the material of the martial arts. Well, not quite, but the specific things I was doing isolate and made clear a whole subsection of martial art. Oddly, it was configured like Kenpo in certain ways, like Silat in other ways, and like other arts, too.

Well, of course. They were spread out through all the arts, so a ‘reverse engineering’ type of concept was appearing.

Now, here’s the thing. When I began teaching Mike he was a green belt. Had probably three or four months experience. Enough to be solid in his basics, but definitely not polished.

Then I taught him the forty techniques and something amazing happened: he began accelerating in ability, and within a month he was suddenly taking my black belts on and equaling them.

These were my black belts, they were good, and Mike was suddenly as good, and I realized something.

The idea that one needed to ‘instill muscle memory’ in the body, or some other such stuff, was pretty much trashed.

In short, I wasn’t teaching the body, I was teaching the human being. I was giving knowledge, and the knowledge was working, and working about ten times faster.

Think about it, some guy says you need to to collect enough bruises before your muscles twitch enough to create a technique. Huh? Does that mean if you hit your child with a piano he will grow up to be Beethoven?

Do you understand? Yes, muscle training has to occur--it is a physical art, after all--but the real training occurs in the mind, and the real training consists of...knowledge.

All I had done was give Mike knowledge. I hadn’t even drilled him that much, merely relying on a few months of classroom basics, and yet the results were phenomenal. A green belt taking on Black Belts.

And I knew that with a little more practice he was going to be the King Kong in my class. The 40 techniques worked that well.

And, here’s something that made me blink and say WTF!, I was the first and only person in history to have solved the martial arts.

So I taught some of the other fellows in my school, and the blinders came off, the floodgates opened, and fellows started learning martial arts faster than they had ever been learned in the history of mankind.

Now, to be sure, the Forty Techniques aren’t everything. They are, however, the first piece of the puzzle that I truly solved. They are the thing that made things come together for me.

Of course, I already had dozens of arts under my belt, and the sequence I had learned in, and the people I had learned with, those things all made a difference.

Sure, I recommend you do Matrix Karate first, but I’m not so foolish to think that I know you better than you know you. So for Matrix Kung Fu, or any of the arts on this website, do the art that calls to you. Simply, enter into Matrixing where Matrixing calls to you.

I’d love it if Matrix Karate was the first, but the degree of your experiences, the things you have done and the order in which you have done them, they will influence you, so listen to your inner voice.

Now, that is the story behind Matrix Kung Fu (MonkeyBoxing), so what does the course hold?

    What Matrix Kung Fu does is explore  the only forty takedown techniques you will ever need to know. The reason for this is that all other techniques fall within the realm of these techniques.

    This is done through rock solid theory that does not deviate.

    In fact, once you see the central theory, once you see how the concept behind how the forty techniques fit together, you will slap your head and say, 'OMFG!'

    The theory is so simple that it has been hidden. And once you have the theory, even without the forty techniques, the takedowns and throws of your own art will instantly start to fall into a logic that cannot be denied.

    But we don't stop there. We take the body apart, show how the theory applies to each and every joint. This means that even if your art has the majority of techniques, you will now have any that it doesn't have.

    Furthermore, my experience in teaching these forty techniques is that there is a precise and exact entry method for each technique. I show you the entry methods.

    This means that the collapsation of distance, which is the constant of any fight, is actually matrixed.

    I hope you understand what a fantastic breakthrough this is. Not just a bunch of techniques,  but how they change as the distance collapses.

    The end result is that you will be going through door after door, exploring 'what if' after 'what if,' and finding the 'neverending' that the True Art is.

    And, we show you how to matrix the techniques into freestyle. This is not an art with lots of techniques, and then a separate art of freestyle.

    This is an art which is applied, without change, directly into freestyle.

    This is totally different than tournament freestyle. This is the real thing.

    So here's what you get: the course pack, two DVDs, showing forty techniques and how they relate to freestyle.

    This is the whole weaponless portion of Monkey Boxing. It is a perfect art, as it is the art I devised to present matrixing, and to introduce you to the True Art.

    The price of this course was $199.95

Was two hundred bucks!

Now it is only $29.95!

    That's right. I sold a bunch of these for $199.95.

Was two hundred bucks!

Now it is only $29.95!

You get one CD (108 page booklet-PDF format)

Two DVD(s) (80 minutes of pure Matrix techniques)

All you have to do is click on the button...

This art fits together with the Blinding Steel program. If you wish to explore Monkey Boxing further, simply look into the Blinding Steel program.


Thank you for being an inspirational instructor.

Hi Al,
I received your Matrix Kung Fu DVD's and CD yesterday.  Thank you for your speedy delivery of my order.
I very quickly took a look at all of the material on the DVD's and the CD.  Viewing, reading, studying, learning, and practicing everything in my spare time is going to keep me pleasantly occupied for a long time.  I am excited about it and eagerly looking forward to it.
Your Matrix Kung Fu package is excellent instructional material as usual, and the best collection of easily learned joint locks and take-downs I have ever seen.  A great buy for the money.  It has greatly revived my interest in learning more.  Thanks a million!
May your business prosper abundantly, as much as you can comfortably handle.  You deserve it.  
Bill Tharp,
Creater of Tai-Ken-Shu (Peace Mountain Art), a blend primarily of Tai Chi, Kenpo, and Shotokan Karate 

Mr. Case,
I just ordered your Matrix Kung Fu and the Matrix Aikido. I'm excited, I feel like I've been given the golden key to a treasure : )
Tom Roach

Master Case...
I recently ordered your Matrix Kung Fu discs. I was a little skeptical, but I figured "what the hell... its only 30 or 40 bucks and I MIGHT learn something". Last night, I started working with the Monkey Blast set of techniques, and was, frankly,  pretty impressed. Here is a set of techniques that not only work well together, but are fairly versatile.... they can be used with a variety of blocks/parries and punches/backfists, etc.  I am looking forward to working through the whole system. Thank you.
      Adam Grose

I conducted a Matrix Aikido training class for a Security Team at a local manufacturing plant. I tailored the training according to their Use Of Force policy. As you know they need control and takedown skills. I knew Matrix Aikido would be the answer. The training plan you shared was boss. The class went so smoothly. The participants learned very quickly. By the end of the class you could see techniques of Monkey Boxing coming through. They were also able to create their own techniques. There was one female officer in the class who asked to become my private student. She was throwing, locking and taking down guys twice her size. The Security Supervisor wants me to come back and with more participants! I'll keep you posted.
Lonnie Muhammad

 After studying the material and applying it to my art of Chinese Kenpo Karate, I feel that its concepts and principles have truly been a benefit as they have given me the key to understand thoroughly what I have been mindlessly practicing for all these years. No more monkey - see, monkey - do karate, I now have the keys to mastering every technique from the most basic, to the most advanced. I have actually coined a phrase for my students; "knowing a technique comes from understanding 'how' it is performed (outward mechanics). Mastering a technique comes from understanding why a technique is performed and all of the concepts and philosophies involved to make it work". Mastery is something that is seldom taught in today's martial arts schools.

When it comes time to do the "next move", the distance between you and the opponent closing, you pick one of the 40 in your monkey boxing syllabus and flow into that. You practice all this separately, mixing and matching everything to explore what works.

Hi Al. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy all of your DVDs. Since I got the first one I have been hooked. I watch them at home, the office, on my iPod when I travel. Keep up the great work.

I am writing to share one of many wins as a result of the Master Instructor Course. When I received the DVDs a few months back I watched them four or five times and read the manual several times as well. I am currently a student of Tai Chi, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do and Kali/Eskrima. My level of study and retention have increased significantly, and I have been asked by my various instructors to assist during classes and training sessions. Several of the people I study with have asked me to train with them separately, or look forward to partnering with me in class as they figure that they can learn something from. It is very flattering when they tell me this, but it is also very humbling. There is great responsibility in working with someone else, and I take that to heart. I hate the monkey-see, monkey-do attitude of teaching, and work hard to avoid that, instead I use the principles that you have outlined in the course.
A couple of the guys have started coming over to my house where we train in my garage. Tai Chi is very new to me (although I have your two DVD sets, I have been doing it in a class for only a couple of months) and my instructor continually pairs me up with newer and advanced students alike as she can see that I understand when she is teaching and am able to teach it to others. My fellow students like to pair up with me during sparring because I will stop and explain certain evasive techniques, proper kick placement, CBM, and more. They tell me that they learn from me.

Thanks Al. Your work is phenomenal, and I so look forward to my daily dose of matrixing.

I LOVE your stuff. You got me hooked! The CYOA and Master Instructor course are amazing, not to mention the Matrix Karate, Monkey Boxing, and everything else. I wish I had more time.

To Al Case,               
Subject: Thank so much
I have been meaning to write you for a while. However, been busy with my college courses. I purchased your series of Master Instructor, Power Kicks, Matrix Karate, Monkey Boxing, and Matrix Aikido.
I was shocked to see how fast I picked up, on the system. I am very impressed with the education/ art of skill that came through to me.  I have a better self-esteem, confidence, awareness, more peace into my life. I have learned to stay focused during conflicts that occur in my life. I do not have to give in during a heated conversation.  I stay focused on the real matter at hand. Not those bunny trails that come up. Your rule # one comes into play so often, during these times. What a strategy it is.
I use to have a low self-esteem, before taking your courses, the fact that I can handle myself in a situation, is so nice. I use to hold my head down in crowds of people. Not no more, I walk with my shoulders back, my head held up. My friends and family have even notice the different air about me. The confidence in myself is a really good feeling.
The videos helped build my self-esteem, and now I give back to others, by sharing what you taught me. The proper mannerism, security, faith to do the right thing,
I will have a black belt in White Dragon next month, your technique have over flowed in to my training in White Dragon. My instructor keeps asking me how I know so much info, planting, motor skills, the proper way to stand without being pushed off balance, and attacks that he trays to implement, but fail.
 I say that I research a lot and that I have a Sensei that I have been studying under. Your teachings have allowed me to advance way quicker than any one in my classes. The instructor is looking to bring me on with him. On the other hand, start my on classes using your teaching that I have. Wow, I am happy, I not sure what to do yet. Probably going to carry on with what you have given me on the DVD set that I have. In addition, order the other set of training videos that you offer. You allow me as a student to soak up so much knowledge, along with the proper, correct skill of the Martial Arts.

    I have over 300 pages of wins, and what you have read is only a sample. I look forward to reading your win here someday.
                        Al Case