My picture is all over the site,

so I thought I would show my original certificate for Black Belt

Al Case

    You can find my picture all over the site, so I decided it might be best to show my original certification for black belt on this page.

I have studied the following arts:

* Kang Duk Won Korean Karate
* Kwon Bup Karate
* Wing Chun Kung Fu
* Aikido
* Ton Toi Northern Shaolin Kung Fu
* Fut Ga Southern Shaolin Kung Fu
* Pa Kua Chang (Various)
* Tai Chi Chuan (Various)
* Weapons
* etcetera

I have developed the following arts:

* Matrix Karate
* Monkey Boxing
* Shaolin Butterfly Kung Fu
* Butterfly Pa Kua Chang
* Five Army Tai Chi Chuan
* Outlaw Karate
* Al Case Classical Karate

I have written dozens of books and hundreds of training manuals. I have operated a half dozen schools, trained many people to Black Belt and beyond. I am a professional writer with over thirty articles and a column to my credit.

I am teaching in the Hollywood area.

My e-mail is


Wiley Gustafson


I originally competed and trained in boxing for several years before I broke the martial arts barrier in 1999. I was originally taught the Al Case art under influence of Harry Hsu.
I'm active in the following arts:

* Matrix Karate
* Monkey Boxing (Kung Fu)
* Pa Kua Chang
* Tai Chi Chuan

I have been teaching the Al Case martial arts system for the past couple of years. I'm also currently partaking in fighting roles for small featured films.

Wiley is teaching in the Verdugo Hills area of Southern California.

(818) 472-6321


Nehemiah Lewrel


I had been a student of martial arts for over 10 yrs and when I found this school, I found my place  I have studied the following arts:

* Classical Karate
* Matrix Karate
* Kung Fu (Shaolin, Matrix)
* Hapkido
* Boxing
* Kick Boxing
* Tae Kwon Do
* Tai Chi
* Ninjitsu

Nehemiah is currently teaching in the Montrose area of Southern California.


Harry Hsu


I have been studying martial arts since 1990.  I started with Jeet Kune Do for a year and then worked my way through Shotokan Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, Aikido, and other martial arts until 1993 when I discovered a system that was pure genius ­ a system that actually analyzed ALL possible motions of the body from EVERY possible angle in any combat situation; whether it involved striking or grappling or weapons, etc. ­ in essence researching ALL of the major martial arts in the world.  This was the Al Case Martial Technology.  Well I couldn't top that!  So since 1993 I have been learning, teaching and researching several arts while utilizing Al Case Martial Tech. 

Some of these arts include but are not limited to:
* Pa Kua Chang
* Monkey Boxing
* Tai Chi Chuan
* Stick Fighting
* Staff Fighting
* Knife Fighting
* Various Classical Karate Systems
* Various Kung Fu Systems
* Kenjitsu
* Fencing
* Kenpo
* Daito Ryu Aiki Jitsu
* Muay Thai
* Chin Na
Harry is teaching in the Montrose area of Southern California.

These are just some of the people I have trained and trained with over the years.

Josh Valenti (1st black-Outlaw Karate)

Mike Baron (6th black-Outlaw Karate, Monkey Boxing, Kang Duk Won, Kwon Bup, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, etc.)

Aaron Case (2nd black-Outlaw Karate, Kwon Bup)

Nelson Webb (2nd black-Matrix Karate, Monkey Boxing)

Tracy Baron (3rd black-Outlaw Karate, Kwon Bup Karate)

Fred Pfiefle (1st black-Tai Chi Chuan)

Paul Pfiefle (1st black-Tai Chi Chuan)

Wes Dick (1st black-Tai Chi Chuan)

Doug Anderson (3rd black-Kang Duk Won)

Tom Mann (3rd black-Kang Duk Won, Kwon Bup)

Eddie Doty (2nd black-Outlaw Karate, Ju Jitsu)

Richard Armington (6th black-Outlaw Karate, Fut Ga Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, etc.)

Rick Thatcher (7th black-Kang Duk Won, Kwon Bup, Monkey Boxing, Chinese Kenpo, etc.)

Ron Grim (1st black-Outlaw Karate)

Dino Vassilopolous (3rd black-Classical Karate, Shaolin Butterfly, Monkey Boxing)

Harry Hsu (7th black-Matrix Karate, Classicial Karate, Kang Duk Won, Kwon Bup Shaolin Kung Fu, Monkey Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang)

Wiley Gustavson (6th black/Master Instructor with Honors--Matrix Karate, Classical Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, Monkey Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa

Kua Chang)

Stephanie Maus (1st black-Matrix Karate, Classical Karate)

Forrest Will (2nd black--Matrix Karate, Classical Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu)

Sarah Liebman (2nd black--Matrix Karate, Classical Karate)

Nehemiah Lewrel (4th black/Master Instructor with Honors-Matrix Karate, Classical Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, Monkey Boxing)

Do you think I could fool all of these high ranking people? No, I am teaching the straight goods, and these people will all attest to that fact!