I began writing for the martial arts magazines back in 1981. I had my own column in Inside Karate for a number of years during the ‘90s.

THE PARANOIDS ARE AFTER ME! -- A delightful, little discourse on what insanity is...and what it isn’t.

THE UNBENDABLE DISEASE -- Poetry, if you’re man enough. Go on, read it, I dare you!

APPREHENDING THE SCISSORSMAN -- It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, it’s a beautiful....

ULTRAMAXISPECTAMATUM -- You wanna fight? I got your fight right here!

ADVENTURES IN THE WITCH HOUSE -- How I broke my wife’s hand and lived to tell about it.

USING YOUR HEAD -- Hard lesson is wasted on soft head.

BACK THEN WE WERE TOUGH! -- Twenty miles through the snow, uphill both ways.

CAN’T WE ALL GET ALONG? -- There really isn’t any reason we can’t, except that I am sooo much better than you.

RANK RANK -- The absolute and utter proof that I really am better than you!

ASK YOURSELF THE QUESTION -- Before you go celluloid, consider a couple of small things.

TOUGH GUYS! -- The skinny on one illegal pit fighting arena.

THE TIGER STORY -- Are your students whining about being tired? They won’t after you tell them this story!

PSYCHODRUGS -- This is not humorous, but a sincere horror story of modern times.

WINNING THE BATTLE...BUT LOSING THE WAR -- If you use your Art you may end up losing your Art.

ODE TO THE DOJO WIDOW -- Putting things in proper perspective.

DOGGONE IT! -- A bright shiny morning, two thugs, and a fight that lasted five seconds.

AND THEN THERE IS VIOLENCE -- One more reason people should learn how to kill, maim, and dismember people.

THE REAL THING -- The argument for reality in training.

LAW AND ORDER -- Serious look at problems in law enforcement.

LICENSE TO KILL -- Want to buy a Free Beating for your favorite bully?

OG AND BOG -- Want to know where the Martial Arts really came from?

BURGLAR BITERS! -- Better than a shotgun, more fun than a mace, the real deal when it comes to intelligent self-defense.

HOW TO FEEL SAFE -- The price of freedom.

THE GOLDEN RULE -- The one rule that everybody should know.

BAD GUY RULE NUMBER ONE -- For True Self-Defense...start with this simple rule.

THE AL CASE MEMORIAL TROPHY -- How to get the biggest trophy in the world!

BODYGUARDING 101 -- A very intense lesson.

GARAGE-DO -- Want to start a school? don’t wait for permission.

MARTIAL SMARTS -- A good argument for being smart.

THE MEDITATING TREE SURGEON -- Was he on acid? LSD? A hallucinogen?

THE PLOT THAT HAPPENED -- I’ve got a great idea for a script!

THE SECRET OF RANK -- A truth not everybody will like.

STREET POSTURES -- Pose for a picture, not for a fight.

THE TRUE LESSON -- Pain doesn’t have to be bad, does it?


THE ULTIMATE SELF-DEFENSE CLASS -- What a person who doesn’t know anything can teach you.

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