This is the largest body of original research

in all of the Martial Arts.

This body of work establishes rules and principles

which classify the Martial Arts as a science.


this body of work

defines the precise and complete steps

for one to take,

should they wish to Master ‘The Way.’

Here is some data you should consider

when considering ‘The Way.’

There are nearly 2000 pages.

There are nearly 200,000 words.

There are nearly 3,000 illustrations.

The material is contained on

11 CDs and 22 DVDs.

There are over 10 courses

20 books,

47 forms,

with uncounted applications.

There are more than 10 complete systems.


there is entirely original material

which teaches,

for the first time,

how to teach the martial arts.


material on swordfighting,


how to start and operate a school,


one of the most original and thought provoking works

ever to appear in the Martial Arts,

How to Create Your Own Art.


as has been said,

there is a brand new science,


which speeds up the learning process,

so that one might actually Master

all this material

in a short period of time.

Anybody who has ‘The Way,’

and has gone through the material,

can honestly say they they have

over forty years experience.

Following is a list of some of the material

available in the complete collection of original work

which is hereby called,

‘The Way.’

The Master Books (books) CD

Matrix Combat (five freestyles from five arts) DVD

Matrix Karate System and science) CD/DVD

Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing) CD/DVD

Matrix Aikido (seminar) CD/DVD

The Master Instructor Course (original data on how to instruct)CD/DVD

Shaolin Butterfly (Matrixing principles applied to Shaolin) CD/DVD

Pa Kua Chang Butterfly (Matrixing principles applied to Pa Kua) CD/DVD

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan (Art made functional through application of principles) DVD

Create Your Own Art CD/DVD (original research)

Pan Gai Noon (a power art) DVD

Kang Duk Won Karate (untainted classical system)

Kwon Bup (advanced Karate/includes ‘Iron legs & Power Kicks Course)

Outlaw Karate (breakthrough art) DVD

They cost $330,

buy them all

and allow me to put

all the manuals on one CD,

and they are only $295.

Putting the manuals on one CD

lets me save money,

and that lets me save you money.

Good Lord,

forty years of hard work,

original research,

entire arts

right in front of you!

The streets are littered with gold,

and you can have it all,

if you just press the button.

Monster Martial Arts