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Rolling Fists

    Rolling Fists is a translation of the Kung Fu term ‘Lop Sau.’ Lop Sau has been seen in a lot of different martial arts, but only as a drill, only in pieces. It is an effective kung fu drill, but only a pale shadow of the complete Rolling Fists freestyle method.

    Rolling Fists is a completely matrixed method of freestyle. You can learn the basics of it within one hour, you will be elevated to totally intuitive movements within three hours. Period.

    Rolling Fists is completely logical. There are no missing pieces or hidden knowledge. This means that it is EASILY absorbed by the mind.

    Simply, the mind doesn’t like what is complex, that is difficult to remember...THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. The mind, however, will GRASP INSTANTLY that which is logical.

    Hey, if you have a computer, would you feed it a disk all scratched and warped? If the information on the disk was readable at all, the computer would still probably end up with some odd program that wouldn’t work.

    The mind is the same way, it is a computer, and IT DOESN’T LIKE programs that are ill thought out, weird...that are Chinese jigsaw puzzles!

    Okay, let me tell you the story behind Rolling Fists.

The Story Behind Rolling Fists

    I discovered Rolling Fists not by any accident...I discovered it because of Matrixing, a martial arts program that plots out all potentials of motion. I started teaching it, and you will see short descriptions of it on the following courses.

Matrix Combat

Matrix Kung Fu

Shaolin Butterfly

Blinding Steel

    In Matrix Combat I go over how it fits into the whole scheme of martial arts freestyle methods.

    In Matrix Kung Fu I go into it shortly, and then advise how to apply it in advanced grab art maneuvers.

    In Shaolin Butterfly I go over it and make the connection to various Shaolin Kung Fu moves.

    In Blinding Steel I go over this concept with weapons. It is not a full viewpoint of Rolling Fists, but it is very good for weapons.

    While these courses offer good description, I wanted to write a course that would really examine Rolling fists in depth.

    This is the freestyle method I developed out of the bits and pieces that are out there in the martial arts world. As the ‘inventor’ it is my responsibility to present it in the fullest fashion possible; it is my responsibility to make sure that people get everything they are supposed to get out of that freestyle.

    And, what are they supposed to get?

    First, and everything, is intuition. The loss of reaction time. The ability to move with an opponent, not in front, not after.

    Second, it is a funnel, it is the bridge between strikes and takedowns. As distance collapses one must avoid the garbage and have a plan for sliding into the throw, the lock, the takedown.

    Third, it is an accelerated method of freestyle. I usually teach it when I teach Matrix Kung Fu, or Shaolin butterfly. I usually teach those courses after a person has reached their first black belt; I teach those courses for a second black belt.

    To be sure, my first method of freestyle is a breakthrough, and I haven’t seen anybody teach how to fight the way I do with my first freestyle method (available on Matrix Karate). What this means is that the student you will see on this course already has some experience, and has started becoming intuitive.

    In fact, the fact that he was becoming intuitive is why he was promoted in the first place. Not because he could do a thousand push ups, or some other false standard, but because his mind had changed from ‘reaction time’ to ‘No reaction time.’


    But, what do you do what somebody fundamentally changes? How do you teach him when he has made a great breakthrough?

    Most people out there simply keep teaching him the same way, and they speak of ‘polishing.’

    Well, yes, there is polishing, and it is important, but what is more important is simple knowledge.

    A guy learns how to build a house in college. So does he stay in college learning how to build houses until he can build a bridge?

    No, he simply goes to the next course, gets the exact knowledge, and then he can build bridges.

    In my martial arts a fellow gets to black belt, and he can do c ertain things. I don’t make him do the same things again until he can do something different...I simply give him the different knowledge that is required for what other people call ‘polishing.’

Where this course came from

    I had finished the Three Month Black Belt Course (it is offered elsewhere on this site), and prepared to do a ‘Three Months to Second Black Belt Course.’

    In my system I don’t have people do same old same old, I teach them a different art to black belt, then they have two black belts, or...a second black belt.

    I know other people don’t do this, most of them can’t, and it is a shame, because this method works quite a bit better.

    Anyway, my student, EW, went through 90% of the course, and then had to drop out.

    This was just shy of three months of hard work on the Shaolin Butterfly, and it was frustrating to have all that material sitting around and not completed. I simply couldn’t sell a course that didn’t do what it was supposed to.

    However, one thing it had was three months of Rolling Fists.

    Three months, some twenty lessons, and on each one was a segment, usually around ten minutes long, of me teaching Rolling Fists.

    Mind you, I recommend doing a second art while you do this course, and I recommend either Shaolin Butterfly, or Matrix Kung Fu.

    But, good news, it is not mandatory. The Rolling Fists Freestyle Method is that good. The logic is so encompassing that students are just sucked into it and moved along.

    Once you know it, you’ll want to just sit there and do it for hours. If you have a class, you are going to find yourself making moreand more room for this amazing piece of freestyle.

    It is simply the fastest, most efficient method for people to learn how to fight.

    Further, it merges with other freestyle methods well. I insure this by offering a little bonus to go along with this course.

    If you order Rolling Fists, I will toss in Matrix Combat. That’s a ten  dollar gift. It will tell you how the various freestyle methods fit together. It will present a matrix of freestyle methods. This will enable you to know EXACTLY how Rolling Fists fits into the scheme of Martial Arts freestyles.

What you get!

    When you order Rolling Fists you get four DVDs with three hours (20 segments) of me teaching my student Rolling Fists. You will see the exact way I get him to learn how to fight...better than a Black Belt...in three hours.

    That’s twenty intense lesson segments, you are the fly on the wall, listening to the exact theory as I cement this concept home in his cranium.

    I tell you, by the time you have popped the last DVD out...you are going to be a changed fighter. You will have a total concept at your fingertips. Your reaction time will have ceased to exist, and you will be moving ‘in the now.’

    Or, as some people like to call it...‘Mushin no shin.’ Mind of no mind. An elevated mental ‘zen’ viewpoint. Call it enlightenment if you wish...you will be moving with intuition, and the doors will be totally and utterly open.

    Yes, you can still specialize it further, and I recommend it. You can go into weapons or throws or further relate it to Shaolin, by getting other courses.

    But this course is dedicated to accelerating your freestyle, your fighting abilities, until they are intuitive, and far beyond what a normal black belt will experience.

    Simply, it is not ‘polishing the same old same old’...it is a total immersion in a concept, a method of intuition, and it has not been done before.

    Okay, $39.95 plus S&H.

    You get four DVDs (three hours/twenty lesson segments).

    AND, I will throw in Matrix Combat, which is another DVD and a CD with a book on it.

    Click on the PayPal button, and it will be in the mail tomorrow morning (or first working day morning).

The Complete Rolling Fists

    Full money back guarantee on every course I offer. No questions asked.

    I have been selling Matrixing courses for some five years now, thousands of them, and you can read the testimonials elsewhere on this site. I have around 500 pages of wins sent in to me by customers.

This has been a page about how to learn how to fight better than a black belt...and within three hours!

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