(formerly Instant Aikido)

    Aikido is a prime example of an Art that is almost matrixed. It goes so far,  yet, with matrixing, it could go all the way.

    What does ‘all the way’ mean? ‘All the Way’ means you could master it in months. Not the decades it now takes, but months.

    Consider the Instant Aikido Seminar (Now called Matrix Aikido). I took four guys and taught them Aikido in 80 minutes. The proof is on the video. The proof is that just watching the video enables most people to do Aikido instantly. Matrixing technology is that powerful.

    But, and here’s the point, what would happen if you followed the program I outline in the manual?


One of the real bonuses of this course
is that you get to actually see me teaching.
I don’t shout and posture like a drill sergeant,
I don’t teach ‘Monkey see-Monkey do.’
I merely have a good time,
I laugh and joke,
and I encourage people to have a good time.
The result is that people are
more willing to learn.
Do you want to learn 
from somebody who is hard and inflexible,
or from somebody who knows
that you are a human being
and loves you for that?
    Four guys, eighty minutes, and they can toss people around, and they can use what they’ve learned in any Art.

    No, they don’t look pretty, but what would happen if they studied the Matrix Aikido for a few months?


    Look, you can’t escape the fact that they are learning  ten times faster than normal! That is the result of Matrixing. That is the result of making logical the Core Concepts of an Art.

    Man, if they studied an hour a day for as little as three months... well, there is no comparison for where they would be.

    I want you to think on something. Aikido is fantastic, but it is founded on religious principles. And this slows it down, makes it significant, and provides a long path.

    But if you look at it logically, that shouldn’t take away the profound spirituality of the Art! It should just speed it up.

    I want you to know something. You are faster and more intelligent than any previous generation.

    Go ahead, look on the net for videos of Morihei Uyeshiba, compare them to modern day Aikidoists. There is no comparison. They are faster, more intuitive, more able.

    This is not a slap in the face of O Sensei! This is merely a recognition that people change. That society has evolved, and people are just that much faster and more intelligent.

    So while it took O Sensei a lifetime to put Aikido together, it doesn’t take us a lifetime to absorb it. We are faster than that. We have more opportunities that O Sensei.

    We have Matrixing.


You know, when Morihei Uyshiba put Aikido together, he tossed out certain techniques, kept other techniques, and tried to be true to a vision. But this hid the logic and purity of Matrixing. Proof of this is easy, simply get a book called ‘Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere’ and look at the fold out of techniques. This is matrixing, but without the understanding of how to fill in the blanks. Matrix Aikido fills in the blanks. I know there will be purists out there who disagree with me, but I think Morihei would like what I have done. After all, he was a creative person, to say the least.
    So leave behind your beautiful ideas that it should take a lifetime to learn Aikido. And realize that you can learn it within 80 minutes. Furthermore, you can apply it instantly to any Art you know.

    So, knowing that you have the opportunity of a lifetime, that you have the chance to learn Aikido, and go further and faster in a few months, than people have gone in decades, let me explain a little bit about where it came from, and what, exactly, you are getting.

    In the nineties I had a school in Tujunga, CA. I taught Karate, Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Shaolin, and whatever else I felt like. This was a rich time for me,  as I was experiencing the full bloom of my Matrixing research.

    One day, on a whim, I told my students, ‘I can teach you Aikido in a couple of hours.’ They blinked.

But I was taking them and throwing them this way and that, and now I was saying I could teach them how to do the very same thing in a couple of hours!

    And they said, ‘But you studied Aikido for years! How can you get us to do Aikido in a couple of hours?’

    ‘Look,’  I said, ‘I’ve been practicing Aikido for years, I didn’t take it for years. I took it a short time, saw what the core concepts were, and that was that.’

    Another blink. The way I was throwing them around they were sure that I had studied Aikido for decades!

    But they knew me; they knew I didn’t lie; they knew that I meant what I said.

    So they signed up for the first Instant Aikido seminar. And the proof is in this video. Two DVDs, 80 minutes, of me demonstrating the core concepts of Aikido and how they worked.


I want you to think about something.

If you can learn the concepts in a couple of hours, what would a couple of months of intense practice do?

I think it would result in the vision that Morihei Uyeshiba experienced. I think you would experience the vision of a new humanity.

Of course,

that is up to you.

You could argue and talk and all that,

or you could take a look at the video and do it.

I’ve given you the tools, you give me the proof.

    And, at the end of 80 minutes I had them taking turns,  standing in the middle of the room,  throwing each other around.

    And, if you watch this seminar, if you get what I am talking about, then you will be able to stand in the middle of a room, and throw bodies around easily.

    If you’re a school owner, then there’s no reason you can’t put on your own seminar. Teach others how to stand in the middle of a room, and throw others around effortlessly.

    Man, will that grow your school!

    Here’s the thing, Classical Aikido teaches by throwing you into a tree, then having you crawl through the branches of techniques, until you find the trunk. I hand you the trunk, and tell you to grow the branches.

    This means that you will actually be creating Aikido on the moment, as you desire.

    Will you be perfect? Nah. But you will definitely understand Aikido, and, understanding the core concepts, you will get better faster! Much faster!



Get a few friends, put up a few fliers,

find a garage and lay out a couple of rugs.

Do some warm ups, do lots of rolls,

read the manual

and follow the instructions.

and do what I have shown on the video.

Pick a new piece of the video every class

and expand upon it.

And have people stand in the middle and throw people around effortlessly.

A lot.

Watch what happens.

And, here’s a bonus,

you will understand how to make Aikido out of any Art you study! That’s right. This is really Core Matrix Stuff!

    You will learn Matrix Aikido, and you will be able to ‘grow’ Aikido  out of any technique you do, and, further,  you will understand one of the pivotal concepts of Matrixing. And you will understand it first hand, seeing how I evolved it on the spot, without any plan, just doing it, because I understood the concepts.

    You want the concepts? Do you want something that’s worth hundreds of dollars? Perhaps thousands of dollars?  Something that you would have to study decades for, and then not really be sure what you had?

    Listen, you’re going to be able to stand in the middle of a room, and throw dozens of Attackers every which way, including loose!

    You’re going to be able to take this knowledge, this Matrix Aikido, and make it part of any Art you have.

    You’re going to be that good. My promise.

So how much?


not 300 dollars,

not 200 dollars,

not even 100 dollars.


This course was going to list at $300!

Now it is only $29.95!

You get

One CD (approximately 50 page instructional manual-PDF format)

Two forty minute DVDs

and decades of knowledge instantly!

All you have to do is click on the button!

Monster Martial Arts


I have studied Aikido for 19 years and have devoted countless hours to it. I have been able to train students in only a few classes to a firm grasp of the basics by concentrating on principles rather than techniques...(but) I have never thought of using a matrix or a concrete system, before. 

What really hooked me was the Instant Aikido Program. In 1974 I started three years of Aikido and reached first Dan Rank. I have forgotten more than I remember. When I went through you Aikido Discs., it all came back to me but in a new and exciting light. At the risk of sounding like a big old philosophical slob, I felt lighter as I practiced with my son. My senses seamed to be more acute and I could not stop smiling. It made so much sense and my son who had no Aikido training was awesome like he was an old pro.

By the way I wanted to tell you that Matrix Aikido was mind blowing! 

I have always enjoyed your writing. The Matrix Aikido DVD was incredible. You gave the whole art to the viewer in a simple manner better the high ranking dans have done. D Wood
I love the Matrix Aikido! Man it's a lot of fun. I have a background in Karate, Jiu Jitsu along with some other stuff and have been teaching for
over 25 years

Mr. Case;
I wanted to let you know that the courses did arrive just before Xmas.  Needless to say, I haven’t been able to spend enough time yet with them.  You know something:  just 5 minutes into the Aikido dvd (which I threw in right away to make sure the dvds were working), I felt as if I had been hit with 2 YEARS of training in the aiki/jujutsu arts.

I conducted a Matrix Aikido training class for a Security Team at a local manufacturing plant. I tailored the training according to their Use Of Force policy. As you know they need control and takedown skills. I knew Matrix Aikido would be the answer. The training plan you shared was boss. The class went so smoothly. The participants learned very quickly. By the end of the class you could see techniques of Monkey Boxing coming through. They were also able to create their own techniques. There was one female officer in the class who asked to become my private student. She was throwing, locking and taking down guys twice her size. The Security Supervisor wants me to come back and with more participants! I'll keep you posted.

Very excellent stuff! Needless to say that I was up late last
nite going through the material. I am more than thrilled with the purchase. Before I even received the order I knew that your courses were priced too low. My order is more than a bargain. 

I love your site: martial arts is about passing on your teachings, not holding back for an extra fee.--John C/school owner

I've been a professional security instructor for years and Matrix Aikido is going to be a great addition to the government courses I teach.

So I watched the 80 minutes of Aikido footage. The concepts were so simple I couldn't believe it. Even before I read the accompanying book where you lay it out without the details of individual techniques to distract the mind the message was clear as a bell.

Thank you Sensei Case for such great programs, I look forward to keeping
in touch with you. going to concentrate on the Matrix Aikido for a few months at least. This is great stuff!

your material has been very much an AH HA moment.
Keep up the good work.
Terry S.  

    I just today got The Way and I must say I am completely dumbfounded!  The amount of information is completely overwhelming!  I am watching Matrix Aikido (you said we should start with what we are most drawn to), and the quality of the information is completely beyond reproach, simply amazing.  I've never been to an Aikido class, and I've only seen Aikido on a few YouTube videos and some Steven Seagal movies, but it's apparent that what goes on in those classes is NOTHING like what you teach.  I'm sure that they focus on technique, such as do this, do this, do this, and then that happens, whereas you focus on concept!  No wonder you can teach people Aikido in 80 minutes!  It's easy when you understand the concepts!  

Dear Sir,
     I recently bought your excellent DVD/CD package of Matrix karate; Matrix aikido; Matrix kung fu and Matrix master instructor course.
    As a martial artist of over thirty-five years, earning black belts in Shotokan karate nidan; Combat sombo 2nd degree; Kano jui jitsu nidan; Kick boxing shodan; Misu Ryu jujitsu shodan; Taiho jitsu shodan; Instructor certificated in Chinese kick boxing; sombo 1st degree. I have obtained kyu grades in aiki jujitsu and aikido and only stopped training in these systems as my instructor left to get a better job on the other side of the country. I am telling you this information not to brag but so that my opinion is not that of a novice, " I' ve been around" and as an anorak, a collector of obscure books, DVD's, and video tapes of instructional material in the martial arts; I know a bit about martial arts. I am impressed by the material on your DVD/CD packaging and the instructional material within; it is fantastic!

Hi Al. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy all of your DVDs. Since I got the first one I have been hooked. I watch them at home, the office, on my iPod when I travel. Keep up the great work.

Master Case,
I have received many of your courses and must say that they have improved my martial arts immeasurably. Future orders for other courses will be coming.
I just completed fully reviewing the Aikido Course and had to send you something to let you know how it impacted my martial arts. 

I am glad I got your karate and aikido and kenpo (monkey) stuff.

I have reviewed other home study programs but am very fond of yours. You have a great presence in front of the camera, but I also like the PDF manuals you include. This makes a big difference.

(From the internet)
    This guy isn't kidding and the outrageous almost laughable claims he makes are real. I know because I was sitting there reading and watching this same over the top stuff right where you are. 
    This guy didn't just dedicate his life to learning the arts themselves (but believe me he did do that) his dedicated his life to TEACHING the arts. He learned through teaching and so every gain of understanding he made during his 40+ years of martial arts was also an improvement in teaching the same.

Hi, Al.
I think you are doing what Bruce Lee was trying to do with his JKD. To forget about forms and learn martial arts principles instead. After studying Aikido for many years and then studying JKD, I began teaching my students starting with principles instead of concentrating on techniques. This allowed students to learn at a MUCH accelerated rate. Your matrix system sounds very interesting. I don't buy too many MA videos, but I think I might make an exception now.

Hi Al, my courses arrived today, I'm through with Aikido already and right now watching Pa Kua .... I have to say this stuff is absolutely amazing!

Been wanting to send this out earlier but didn't get to it; lots to do to prepare for Iraq.  So far, I've gotten the Aikido, Tai Chi, and Master Instructor courses.  I am AMAZED at how you cut through the unnecessary complexities of these arts.  I have never seen anyone explain so simply the real "secrets" of these arts and skills (and I am 39 yrs old and have been a martial "hobbyist" since age 14).  I thank you, sincerely, for offering this information to us out here.  I look forward to really putting in the training time in Iraq.  I'm sure the 12-15 month tour will go quickly with this stuff to look forward to.  Thanks again.  I will be ordering from you again very soon.

    I have over 300 pages of wins, and what you have read is only a sample. I look forward to reading your win here someday.
                        Al Case