One of the main motivations, when I put this course together, was that I wanted to get a person to Black Belt faster.

    You see, it normally takes four plus years, and in that four plus years a lot of things can happen. Marriage, kids, career change, school, and so on and so on.

    I wanted to do it faster and avoid all those things. I was tired of training somebody for years, and just when they get it...they go and get married, leave, whatever. I wanted to get to somebody to Black Belt faster.

    So if you are going to:

  1. Bulletget married.

  2. BulletChange your Job.

  3. BulletGo to school.

  4. BulletMove.

  5. BulletHave kids.

    Or any other of the dozens of things that can happen in life, then this course is for you.

    If you find yourself having to move from dojo to dojo, for whatever reason, this course can offer you a stable course of study which will get you to Black Belt.

    This is not a ‘quickie’ course, or Martial Arts ‘Lite,’ or something like that. I’ve been training for near 45 years, wrote for the Martial Arts magazines, and I have packed EVERYTHING into this course. There are forms, applications, methods of freestyle,  and a lot more!

    This is what is going to happen to you!

  1. BulletYour body will be in tip top shape!

  2. BulletYou will be fast!

  3. BulletYou will be able to defend yourself against anybody!

  4. BulletYou will exude a calm confidence

  5. BulletYou will create and use martial arts ‘Chi’ power.

  6. BulletYou will lose reaction time.

  7. BulletYou won’t make hesitations and mistakes in combat.

  8. BulletYou will be the person people turn to in an emergency.

   The course consists of 125 private lessons which were given to one of my students. The segments were one on one, and average about ten minutes in length.

That’s around 120 lessons, and you get to watch the actual and whole process of watching a student go from White Belt to Black Belt.

    Nothing is hidden, you get to listen to all of his questions, and you get the exact answers.

    It’s like being a fly on the wall of a very intense teacher/student relationship.

The segments usually follow certain formats, and here are some examples.

    BASICS SEGMENTS--how to actually get the ‘Chi Power’ that results in one kick or one punch knock outs. Simply, you will see my student go from weak, little school boy punches, to punches that actually knock me back six feet!

    FORM SEGMENTS--how to have absolutely perfect form. Believe me, you can’t deliver the power if your body isn’t set up to do it, and this segment will result in you having absolutely perfect form.

    TWO MAN FORMS--What’s the point of a form if you don’t know what it means? These two man forms are very intense and real fighting segments where the student learns how to deliver the power he is growing.

    MATRIXING SEGMENTS--This is a training method I use, andi am the only one in the world to use it, which totally demolishes reaction time and moves a person into ‘mushin no shin.’ Mind of no mind. this is the mystical state of mind that some of the martial arts systems strive for. The Matrixing exercise pushes the student into mushin no shin 100% of the time, and usually within a VERY short period of time.

    There has never been anything like Matrixing, and this segment alone is worth the price of the course ten times over.

    Imagine, if you will, somebody being taken from loose thinking, goofy schoolboy to laser sharp expert; imagine watching somebody lose his sloppy western thinking and gain the mystical eastern based method of intuitive thought. This type of thinking is actually called Mushin No Shin (mind of no mind), and before Matrixing it could take a lifetime to achieve, and then the student couldn’t always be sure he was going to make it. With the Matrixing method I use you will not only understand this thought, you will see somebody attain it, and you will know exactly how to attain it yourself.

    IN THE LAST SEGMENT, we go into freestyle. Lesson after lesson you will see EW become able to block anything, to handle anything, and to instantly mount an intuitive counter to anything I do.

    Now, these are the things I teach EW, and they are actual proof of the Matrixing Method, but there is more to be understood.

    You see, the martial arts are a science. They aren’t some rite of passage where a bully boy has you bow down to him, they are a precise series of steps wherein you learn, and evolve, and become an elevated human being.

    This course does not represent the loose thinking of modern educational methods; this course is a precise science, a series of steps which are logical and lead from one step to the next without fail.

    Now, I’m going to tell you more, but before I do, I want to emphasize one thing. If you have the Black Belt course, then you can:

  1. Bullettake your training with you.

  2. Bullettrain anytime you want.

  3. Bullettailor your work outs to EXACTLY what you need.

    If you have have ever signed up at a school, then had to quit, then you know exactly how valuable these two points are.

    This is a way to stay stable in your training, to not stop your training, to keep progressing so that you actually get to where you want to be...a Black Belt.

    Look, the body/mind/spirit of you as a Black Belt is phenomenal.

  1. Bullet    if you want to augment your training...

  2. Bullet    if you want to learn faster...

  3. Bullet    if you have questions that were not answered by your previous instructors...

  4. Bullet    if you have interests in different arts that are not in your area...

  5. Bullet    if you want a method that makes any martial art better...

  6. Bullet    if you want to prepare yourself for real advanced training in the martial arts, if you want to open your eyes, wake up and be able to perceive energy...

    Taking the Black Belt Course is what you want to do.

    Simply, there is no other course like it in the world. No other course has the hard core data, the simple training methods, and the exact and correct data concerning the Martial Arts, as this course.

    And, let’s get to brass tacks, if you simply want to avoid the monthly fees, save on time and gas, or just take advantage of  the quickest and easiest way to achieve a Black Belt...then you want to order the Black Belt Course.

    So, let’s talk price.

    Over 100 private lessons. Obviously, this could run into the hundreds of dollars, right?

    Well, I’ve got a little surprise for you.

    The course is in MPEG4 format. This means they will not work on a  television. They will only work in a computer.

    But if your computer can play MPEG4 files (and most can), the price for the Black Belt Source Tapes is only $74.95 (plus $7 S & H)

    That’s over 100 segments of personal, one on one instruction, White Belt to Black Belt, in Matrix Karate.

    I need to say something here.

    Over 100 private lessons with a fellow who has 45 years of experience, a fellow who lived through the Golden Age of the Martial Arts, and who learned enough that the magazines actually paid him money to write articles and a column for them.

    Over 100 segments of cutting edge instruction, using a teaching method that nobody in the world knows.

    At a hundred dollars a segment, we could easily be talking over ten thousand dollars.

    But it’s only 75 bucks if you buy the DVDs (plus reasonable shipping and handling).

   Now, the way to watch these private lessons is one segment at a time. There are usually 4 to 6 segments grouped together. You can crash your brain trying to watch everything at once.

    So, you watch a segment, do the things that are on it, or just go over the whole material of the belt you are working on (Green, Brown, or Black), and then do another segment, another work out, and so on.

    Day after day you do the segments. If you did one segment a day, then about 120 days and you would be a Black Belt.

    And, here’s a bonus. If you want certification in my system, and you have purchased this course, and the Matrix Karate Course and the Master instructor course, you can test for Black Belt.

    Simply send me a video of yourself doing the material.

    I’ll comment on it, offer instruction (which will all be based on the principles explained in the Matrix Karate Course or the Master Instructor Course) and send those notes to you.

    Heck, send me another tape.

    Third tape I’ll charge you twenty bucks, and twenty bucks per tape after that.

    But, first

    And, I hope you make it in two tapes. I want you to succeed, as that is the best advertisement I could ever have.

    Your wins are my success. I want to send you a Black Belt Certificate with your name on it.

    So, continue your studies, take three or four years, spend three or four thousand dollars, and get a variation on what True Karate is...or...$75...AND YOU CAN USE THIS KNOWLEDGE! THIS IS NOT A PAPER TIGER THING! YOU WILL BE ABLE TO USE IT TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND WIN!

You will have the actual real power and knowledge of a Black Belt.

For those of you who are ready to earn your Black Belt...

Click on the following  button for the $74.95 program. (3 DVD--Black Belt Course)


    Remember, these are mpeg4 files, and they will not work on your TV. You can only play them on your computer, and your computer must be able to open mpeg4 files.

    If you do not have a computer which can read these files, then you will have to purchase the 24 disks for $480. Email me for data if you wish to order the 24 disks.

If you are located near the Los Feliz area of Hollywood in Los Angeles and would like personal instruction in the method outlined on this page. Please click on this box.originalmatrixmartialartsad.html
If you would like to read the win of the first student I brought to Black Belt using the method on this page, click on this box.Three_Month_Black_Belt_Win.html

Thank you for being an inspirational instructor.

Hi Al,
I received your Matrix Kung Fu DVD's and CD yesterday.  Thank you for your speedy delivery of my order.
I very quickly took a look at all of the material on the DVD's and the CD.  Viewing, reading, studying, learning, and practicing everything in my spare time is going to keep me pleasantly occupied for a long time.  I am excited about it and eagerly looking forward to it.
Your Matrix Kung Fu package is excellent instructional material as usual, and the best collection of easily learned joint locks and take-downs I have ever seen.  A great buy for the money.  It has greatly revived my interest in learning more.  Thanks a million!
May your business prosper abundantly, as much as you can comfortably handle.  You deserve it.  
Bill Tharp,
Creater of Tai-Ken-Shu (Peace Mountain Art), a blend primarily of Tai Chi, Kenpo, and Shotokan Karate 

Mr. Case,
I just ordered your Matrix Kung Fu and the Matrix Aikido. I'm excited, I feel like I've been given the golden key to a treasure : )
Tom Roach

Master Case...
I recently ordered your Matrix Kung Fu discs. I was a little skeptical, but I figured "what the hell... its only 30 or 40 bucks and I MIGHT learn something". Last night, I started working with the Monkey Blast set of techniques, and was, frankly,  pretty impressed. Here is a set of techniques that not only work well together, but are fairly versatile.... they can be used with a variety of blocks/parries and punches/backfists, etc.  I am looking forward to working through the whole system. Thank you.
      Adam Grose

I conducted a Matrix Aikido training class for a Security Team at a local manufacturing plant. I tailored the training according to their Use Of Force policy. As you know they need control and takedown skills. I knew Matrix Aikido would be the answer. The training plan you shared was boss. The class went so smoothly. The participants learned very quickly. By the end of the class you could see techniques of Monkey Boxing coming through. They were also able to create their own techniques. There was one female officer in the class who asked to become my private student. She was throwing, locking and taking down guys twice her size. The Security Supervisor wants me to come back and with more participants! I'll keep you posted.
Lonnie Muhammad

 After studying the material and applying it to my art of Chinese Kenpo Karate, I feel that its concepts and principles have truly been a benefit as they have given me the key to understand thoroughly what I have been mindlessly practicing for all these years. No more monkey - see, monkey - do karate, I now have the keys to mastering every technique from the most basic, to the most advanced. I have actually coined a phrase for my students; "knowing a technique comes from understanding 'how' it is performed (outward mechanics). Mastering a technique comes from understanding why a technique is performed and all of the concepts and philosophies involved to make it work". Mastery is something that is seldom taught in today's martial arts schools.

When it comes time to do the "next move", the distance between you and the opponent closing, you pick one of the 40 in your monkey boxing syllabus and flow into that. You practice all this separately, mixing and matching everything to explore what works.

Hi Al. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy all of your DVDs. Since I got the first one I have been hooked. I watch them at home, the office, on my iPod when I travel. Keep up the great work.

I am writing to share one of many wins as a result of the Master Instructor Course. When I received the DVDs a few months back I watched them four or five times and read the manual several times as well. I am currently a student of Tai Chi, Hapkido, Jeet Kune Do and Kali/Eskrima. My level of study and retention have increased significantly, and I have been asked by my various instructors to assist during classes and training sessions. Several of the people I study with have asked me to train with them separately, or look forward to partnering with me in class as they figure that they can learn something from. It is very flattering when they tell me this, but it is also very humbling. There is great responsibility in working with someone else, and I take that to heart. I hate the monkey-see, monkey-do attitude of teaching, and work hard to avoid that, instead I use the principles that you have outlined in the course.
A couple of the guys have started coming over to my house where we train in my garage. Tai Chi is very new to me (although I have your two DVD sets, I have been doing it in a class for only a couple of months) and my instructor continually pairs me up with newer and advanced students alike as she can see that I understand when she is teaching and am able to teach it to others. My fellow students like to pair up with me during sparring because I will stop and explain certain evasive techniques, proper kick placement, CBM, and more. They tell me that they learn from me.

Thanks Al. Your work is phenomenal, and I so look forward to my daily dose of matrixing.

I LOVE your stuff. You got me hooked! The CYOA and Master Instructor course are amazing, not to mention the Matrix Karate, Monkey Boxing, and everything else. I wish I had more time.

To Al Case,               
Subject: Thank so much
I have been meaning to write you for a while. However, been busy with my college courses. I purchased your series of Master Instructor, Power Kicks, Matrix Karate, Monkey Boxing, and Matrix Aikido.
I was shocked to see how fast I picked up, on the system. I am very impressed with the education/ art of skill that came through to me.  I have a better self-esteem, confidence, awareness, more peace into my life. I have learned to stay focused during conflicts that occur in my life. I do not have to give in during a heated conversation.  I stay focused on the real matter at hand. Not those bunny trails that come up. Your rule # one comes into play so often, during these times. What a strategy it is.
I use to have a low self-esteem, before taking your courses, the fact that I can handle myself in a situation, is so nice. I use to hold my head down in crowds of people. Not no more, I walk with my shoulders back, my head held up. My friends and family have even notice the different air about me. The confidence in myself is a really good feeling.
The videos helped build my self-esteem, and now I give back to others, by sharing what you taught me. The proper mannerism, security, faith to do the right thing,
I will have a black belt in White Dragon next month, your technique have over flowed in to my training in White Dragon. My instructor keeps asking me how I know so much info, planting, motor skills, the proper way to stand without being pushed off balance, and attacks that he trys to implement, but fail.
 I say that I research a lot and that I have a Sensei that I have been studying under. Your teachings have allowed me to advance way quicker than any one in my classes. The instructor is looking to bring me on with him. On the other hand, start my on classes using your teaching that I have. Wow, I am happy, I not sure what to do yet. Probably going to carry on with what you have given me on the DVD set that I have. In addition, order the other set of training videos that you offer. You allow me as a student to soak up so much knowledge, along with the proper, correct skill of the Martial Arts.

    I have over 300 pages of wins, and what you have read is only a sample. I look forward to reading your win here someday.
                        Al Case