Can You Defeat an Attacker Who Has a Weapon?

    The truth of the matter is that people don’t just use their fists these days.

    Used to be, fights were stand up affairs, matters of honor. These days, however, you can bet your attacker will have a weapon. A knife, a club, something to cut you or bash you.

    So, can you fight with weapons?

    I don’t mean do kata and know a few self defense moves...I mean can you actually fight with a knife, or a club?

    Can you take a knife away from some enraged attacker?

    If you can’t, then you need to read the following section. It is about a method that will enable to to fight with anything, disarm any weapon, and handle any attacker so that he eats it, and you don’t get cut, or bashed, or worse.

    We are talking real life here, so check out what I have to say. Your life could depend on it...


   Blinding Steel deals with Matrixing Weapons.

    The story behind Blinding Steel is rather...odd.

    I had discovered matrixing, and I was applying it to every art I knew.

    Oddly, not to overuse the word, there were things that kept popping up that did not fit.

    But everything should fit!

    So I took these odd pieces and I put them into a basket and forgot about them.

    I mean, I didn’t understand it, and I couldn’t figure it out, a naked ape, I just put them on hold.

    Months passed, which is a long time in my research, and I was exploring arts I hadn’t studied, Indonesian arts like Silat and Escrima, and, suddenly, the light went on.

    I pulled out the basket of junk pieces that didn’t fit anywhere, and, little stars bursting in my head, I kept turning these pieces around, moving them from here to there, and, suddenly, these pieces start flowing together.

    It really was the oddest experience: the thing came together in spite of me, and suddenly I knew what had happened.

    I had been ‘raised up’ in classical arts like karate, and done a lot of work in kung fu, and these pieces that didn’t fit anywhere were leaking in from Indonesian arts.


    So I took these things, these drills and concepts, and I was finally able to matrix them.

    Made a whole system of weapons.

    And that led to a bunch of other problems.

    There were no entry techniques.

    Well, that was easily matrixed, and I quickly figured out the best routes in to an opponent.

    Another oddity, the entry techniques looked like Kenpo.

    First art I studied, and tossed aside, and here I was picking it up again.

    Yes, there was genius here, and suddenly I could see why Parker kept changing his art, evolving his art.

    The problem was...he kept tossing out good stuff and destroying the basics.

    So it looks like kenpo, sort of, and the weapons are pure Indonesian, but, as usual, I’ve left out the Bushwah.

    There are four DVDs on this course. They are


Fast Hands

Fast Knives

Ultimate Disarms I

Ultimate Disarms II

    In Fast Hands you learn The Speed Drill, which makes your hand speed go faster and faster.

    Honestly, nobody has ever seen The Speed Drill before.

    Nobody has ever actually tried to develop speed as an attribute.

    Lots of people trying to make you strong...but what good is all that strength if the other guy is faster than you?


    In Fast Knives you learn the grips and basic patterns that make you able to pick up anything and use it as a weapon, and to defend yourself against any weapons.

    Even if you have no weapon yourself, it won’t matter.

    These drills are the best drills in the entire world for enabling one to learn a weapon quick and fast.

    In Ultimate Disarms I you learn the first four patterns for taking anybody’s weapon away.

    I don’t care who’s got what, you can take it away.

    This is an entirely unique look at the martial arts, and especially at weapons.

    You see, there are only eight positions you can be in a fight, and this covers the first four.

    There are no other positions, and, except for that odd bit or piece, nothing else you need to learn.

    In Ultimate Disarms II you learn the last four patterns. These are for defenses for combinations. So, even while there are only four positions you can be in, if somebody tries to confuse your positioning with combinations, there is no problem.

    I do suggest that you purchase Matrix Kung Fu: the Forty Monkeys, to go with this course.

    The Forty Monkeys are part of the original research that lead to this, and they open a lot of doors inside the fight.

    They are the takedowns you tag them on to the end of any entry and disarm.


    Four DVDs with Fast Hands, Fast Knives, Ultimate Disarms I, and Ultimate Disarms II.


    One CD (PDF--must be read on computer) with the training manual on it.


    Remember, criminals don’t use their fists, they use knives and clubs and whatever they can get their hands on. You need more than a form and a few self defense moves. You need a system that is geared to actual fighting, and which is focused solely upon weapons, how to use them and how to take them away.