There are four courses that make up the heart of the Matrixing system.

The other courses are good,

they describe whole Arts,

and they address specific arts and concepts

(Shaolin--footwork, Tai Chi--absorbing, etc.)

But if you aren’t drawn to one of those specific areas,

and just want to get the down and dirty

and the complete picture on Matrixing,

then The Core Package is for you.

The Core Package consists of:

Matrix Karate (Matrixing Concepts)

Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing) (Techniques Matrixed)

Matrix Aikido (Flow Matrixed)

Master Instructor (Perfect Form/Perfect Technique)

They cost $120,

but if you purchase the Core Package,

and allow me to put all the training manuals on one CD,

they are only $100.

Putting the manuals on one CD

is convenient for you,

and enables me to save money,

and that saves you money.


save some money,

and click on the button!

Monster Martial Arts