IN SEARCH OF THE MASTER FOUNDER -- Clears up any misunderstandings concerning titles and such. It also lets you know why I am The Master Founder...and there can be only one!

THE PERFECT STRIKE -- The first article I ever wrote, it is a short piece discussing the physics of the Perfect Strike.

REAL LIFE RANKING SYSTEM -- Hey! That dojo belt is cool! But where are you in life?

THE DEPARTMENT OF MARTIAL ARTS! -- Big Brother is watching you, and charging you, and regulating you, and...

YOU MAY NOT BE A BLACK BELT! -- If you know what’s broken...

CBMing TO FIND THE TRUE ART! -- might be able to fix it.

THE SECRET OF ENERGY -- Understanding Chi (Ki) through basic physics principles.

ENTER THE BUTTERFLY -- A brand new Classical Kung fu, and I ain’t kiddin’.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE ART? -- A cold, hard look at what went wrong.

HOUSE TWO -- For those of you who liked the Form in ‘Calling All Basics!’

MR. CHOY & MR. LI -- Another great example of The Shaolin Butterfly!

ULTIMATE EMPTY-HAND EXERCISE -- Achieve perfect balance quickly and easily!

MAIL ORDER MANIA! -- A comprehensive education concerning mail order.

MONKEY IN A BOX -- A great drill (with techniques) for entering groundwork!

MAKING KARATE AN INTERNAL ART -- A simple primer on finding and using the natural energy of you!

ENTERING THE PA KUA UNIVERSE -- An astounding treatise that explains Pa Kua Chang.

FIVE ANIMAL TAI CHI CHUAN -- Five ways to shake up your Tai Chi practice, and make it an even larger vehicle of discovery.

INTENTION THROWS -- Throw somebody without touching them? Nah. Uh. Well...maybe...?

HOW TO MASTER ALL ARTS -- Sure, why not. And for lunch I’ll eat China.

CARJACKING -- The down and dirty on one of the most dangerous situations you can encounter.

FIGHTING FOR CHI! -- Describes the Three Levels of the Martial Arts, and how to progress through them. Very smart stuff put into simple concepts that makes sense.

THE ULTIMATE AND DEFINITIVE CHI -- If you ever wanted to completely understand what the big mystery about Chi is...this is the article.

DE-ARMING THE ARM -- Everything you need to know to attack an attacker’s attack.

DEATH BEFORE INCOMPETENCE -- The toughest class I ever taught.

THE END OF THE ART -- A rather stunning look at how to become enlightened through the Martial Arts.

OPENING THE DRAGON -- How to become wise by transforming your technique.

MAY THE FORM BE WITH YOU -- What the body feels like after thirty years is truly incredible!

THE BAG FROM HELL! -- The bag too tough to kick!

ALL ARTS ARE THE SAME -- Just don’t look too deeply.

KARATE GRAB ARTS -- Brutal, efficient, bone breaking.



I USED KARATE TO HAVE THE STRONGEST MIND IN THE WORLD! -- Enlightenment on a shoestring budget!

THREE WAYS OF UNDERSTANDING MATRIX MARTIAL ARTS! -- Three excellent analogies for understanding this thing called Matrixing!

HOW TO BREAK BOAR DS WITH YOUR HEAD REALLY GOOD!-- Get your free band aids right here!


    My first article, ‘The Perfect Strike,’ appeared in 1982 in Kick Illustrated.

    I wrote the column, ‘Case Histories,’ for Inside Karate for years.

    Many of my articles appeared in other periodicals, such as ‘Masters & Styles,’ and ‘Martial Arts Masters.’

    I had one article appear in Black Belt Magazine.

    An article was eventually written on me in Inside Kung Fu.

Martial Arts Articles

I began writing for the martial arts magazines back in 1981. I had my own column in Inside Karate for a number of years during the ‘90s. During this millennia I discovered article marketing, and I have literally thousands of articles on the net.

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