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Common thought holds that it takes three or four years to get to Black Belt, and that’s if you’re good. I’m happy to say that that notion is false. You can now get your Black Belt over the internet--a real Black Belt--and avoid the time, fees, gas, and other inconveniences. You learn as fast or as slow as you like. You can study what you like. You can go over material that interests you, and tailor your study of Karate to what works for you!


    Karate is the most popular art in the world. This in spite of the MMA hype, encroachment by Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and so on. To prove this, simply do a keyword check on google. More searches for Karate than any other art.

    The reason for this is simple, there is a hard core workability to Karate. Furthermore, Karate hitting the American Shores first, and making the biggest impact, it is a basic sort of underpinning for most other arts. Now, the truly shocking thing about this is this: nobody is studying Karate.

    Every Karate in the world, you see, is a variation. Shotokan is a style of Karate, Kenpo is a variation of Karate (actually Kung Fu, for the most part), Goju is a style, Uechi is a style...and a style is a variation.

    So, what is real Karate?

    When I began Matrixing the Martial Arts, and Karate was one of the first things I matrixed, I put aside culture and nationality and vested interest and religion, and anything and everything that would taint Karate.

    The result was a lean, mean, physically perfect juggernaut.

    To understand this, let me explain something: every style (variation) of Karate (or any martial art, for that matter), is a put together of the tricks and techniques of the day. This means the style or variation of the art you study is a collection of random strings of data. Matrix Karate unspools the mess, aligns the data, and makes the art as simple to understand as 1, 2, 3...

    Thus, Matrix Karate is the only true and pure karate in the world. It is not shotokan is just Karate. It is not Kenpo or Uechi or is just Karate.

    There is something you should know about pure Karate: being aligned and ordered, it is logical, and logic makes for ease of learning. If you’ve read any of my ads or write ups on Matrixing, and Matrix Karate in particular, you will understand that.

    But, I don’t want to get into a big talk about Matrix Karate here, just to explain that it is the only true and pure Karate in the world. I want to talk about the Black Belt Course.


    I picked EW for my student in this project for one reason: he wanted.

    Honestly, he wasn’t the best subject physically, but he had a tenacity of intention that made him better than more physically able people. Besides, if I could make a fellow who wasn’t in the best physical condition into a Black Belt in three months, it would only bolster my case.

    Here is a note I made concerning EW.

    Student is over forty, married with two children.

    Actor, comedian, producer.

    While not overtly athletic, and not in great physical shape, he is healthy.

    Was shot in the right hip some twenty years ago. Doesn’t limp, but is ‘slanted’ towards one side. Will not be able to do advanced kicks, and will probably have trouble with basic kicks.

    Mentally, he is superior. He has a drive and a will, and he likes to make people around him happy.


    Three belt ranks were awarded: green, brown, and Black. EW had his basics solid by Green, Power turned on by Brown, and Intuition turned on at Black. This is in keeping with good ‘standard’ systems. In fact, it is better.

    Instead of explaining what we did, let me just say that we adhered to the Matrix Karate program offered on this site, and give you some of his wins. His wins are segments taken from a short journal he kept during our training. The deletes are training methods you will learn on the course.


    OK. So, Master Founder Al Case has taken on yet another new project. He’s

decided that he’s going to film him taking a guy from white belt in Matrix Karate

to black belt and I’m the guinea pig. Don’t get me wrong, when he asked me I

immediately said yes. I’ve always been the guy to jump first and then look to see

where we’re landing.  After I said yes I found out that he plans on doing this in a few months at the most! Yikes! We’re to train and film for an hour a day four times a week. And I need to put in at least the same amount of time every day if not more.

    Now that I’m committed I’m filled with quite a few emotions. The biggest one is I

don’t want to let him down. Then I don’t want to let myself down or my kids. I

hope it works out!

    OK. I’ve had four sessions so far. Didn’t get a chance to write until now. I’m

sore but I’m learning a lot quickly. I’m a little worried about my hip. I had hip

surgery that was really extensive and it doesn’t want to support weight or be

flexible. I don’t know if it’ll ever work out. It would be nice if did. It’s so hard going

through life like this. I use to be as agile and quick as a cat growing up. It’s so

hard for me to be ‘on the sidelines’. I don’t talk about it much, not sure why I’m

writing it now. Maybe because I’m using it more, it’s grabbed my attention again.

As far as Karate is concerned,

    It’s Feb 9th 2011. I’m on like my 6th lesson or something. It went well

today. My kata feels better. Al does this thing where he (Deleted). I find that it does two things. First off, it makes you find the perfect body alignment because without it, you’ll never get that next block up or be able to turn the body.

    Secondly, I think what he’s trying to do is get you to have perfect body alignment, but more than that is get you to have intention.

    Threw 100 kicks each leg before bed. I’m tired.

    It’s Feb 10th now. Al hammered the hell out of me today. He was really

really tough. I had to do everything perfect. Then we fought and he came at me so

fast but I was able to block them. And now I know why, I was awarded my GREEN

BELT! Yeah! I’m so excited! I don’t know why. I guess because I feel like I worked

hard to get it and earned it. I’ve never been awarded a belt before. My first one.

Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever ‘earned’ something before. Plus, for

the first time I was able to just bend over to tie my shoe. I didn’t have to come at it

sideways. My hip is getting more flexible.

    It’s Sunday night Feb 13th. I thought I’d get a workout in even if it’s a little one. Did 100 kicks each leg, plus 100 punches each arm and did House 1 and Matrix 1 a few times as well. Need to do Yogata some more as well but if I don’t get to bed I’ll still be

sleeping when Al comes over!

    It’s Monday Feb 21st. My computer just now decided to let me open this

again. Did 100 kicks and punches before bed.

    Tuesday Feb 22nd. Al once again did something new on me. (Deleted) It hurt. I like it. I noticed it made me think twice on throwing that middle punch. Anyway I like it.

    My kicks suck. Stupid hip! I won’t give up though. Too bull headed. They’re much better than when I started but I want them so that I can end a fight with just one kick. Always wanted to be the best, its funny, doing Karate is getting me more aggressive. Not in an evil mean way but in a way of playing games and actually trying to ‘win’ at them or life. Not sure what’s going on but it’s nice to have a little fire building in my belly once again.

    One day, about a week ago or so. Al had me do this thing where... (Deleted) He said that’s all a punch is. It did much more for me than just bashing a bag mindlessly. Also, my punch now is so much more powerful now than when I was a young man. I’d knock the tar out of the young me.

    Today is Thursday Feb 24th. Had some trouble doing the mini-matrix today.

Frustrating. I want to do good. But at the end I was starting to see me using my

body as one. I’m also starting to see the genius behind matrixing. For instance. I

was doing 5 (low cross block) 6 high cross block. After doing 6 you would then

roll the opponent's elbow. At one point I went right to rolling his elbow. It was so

fast and I wasn’t ‘knowing’ I was doing it, but I can see thats where I’m heading.

    It’s March 3rd. It was an awesome class today for some reason. Everything was

much easier for me today. Didn’t have to think as much. Also Al did this move on

me where (Deleted). It was great to experience. There was no

way to defend against it since I was the one who made the decision to go in that

direction. It gave me whip lash it was so fast. LOL


    It’s March 4th. No class today but I really do have whip lash! LOL Not really but I

am sore. Sounds weird but it’s fun. I thought about that move again and I thought

what would happen if he really did it. Ouch. There wouldn’t be any getting up from that and even if you did your bell would be rung so bad you wouldn’t be in the mood to keep fighting.


    It’s March 5th. The (power) I can get into a punch now compared to

when I first started is ten fold.

    It’s March 10th. I was given my Brown Belt today! Hell Yea! Felt good. Although,

Al beats you up pretty bad to see if you’re ready. He won’t just ‘give’ a belt away

just because I put in the time. Anyway, it was quite nice to receive it. This is the

farthest I’ve ever gone by far in the Martial Arts. Although, I’m a little nervous to

see what’s awaiting me for the road to Black Belt.

    It’s March 14th. First day as a Brown Belt. The bar has definitely been raised. We

are now doing Freestyle. It’s not like what we were doing before, much more

intense and with a purpose of winning. Took me awhile to understand what was

going on. He was beating me up over and over and there wasn’t anything I could

do about it. Then I remembered to breath. (Actually he reminded me.) Then I was

able to defend myself pretty good.

    It’s funny, there is so much going on in battle. So many choices and so much random motion one could get quite confused. I can see why Al preaches so much about doing the forms. So you don’t have any attention on your moves, blocks, kicks, etc. You can just be there comfortably and do whatever you want to do. I’m seeing the fun in it and at the same time I see that there is a mountain of things for me to learn and experience.

    After the class and the camera was turned off, he talked about the Yin Yang and

how it starts off most of his forms. I noticed that it is one of those hidden moves

that quite possible could be the core of all martial arts. That move is everywhere.

I spent some time on YouTube and watched a ton of katas from a ton of arts. It’s

the one move that is in all of them for sure. I can see why that symbol no matter

what language you speak can speak to you.

    Anyway, while talking to Al I was looking at the Yin Yang in a two dimensional

viewpoint. Al doesn’t do that. It’s three or four dimensional for him. It’s like a Yin

Yang ball in front of him and he controls that ball. That is his space. Then he

showed me. This is going to sound strange but it’s true and it wouldn’t be fair to

not mention it. Al started ‘playing’ with the ball in front of him and I could

see it. I kid you not. Just like if someone told you to get a picture of a dog in your

mind you could, only instead of it being in my mind he had it out in front of him. It

was the damnedest thing. Probably the best martial arts I ever saw. Then he had me throw a punch inside his ball and instantly I was spinning and out of control, I think I ended in nasty joint lock with Al behind me to do as he pleased. The point is, I got a glimpse of where I’m going.

    It’s April 18th. Haven’t written in a while. Brown belt is tough. Al was saying that an instructor usually loses students at either white belt or brown belt. I didn’t get that at first. Why would someone leave when they are a brown belt? I’m getting it now. I’m feeling like there is a voice telling me to stop. And yet there is another voice saying “No don’t stop!” I’m waking up. I know this may sound weird to anyone who reads this but it’s true. I wonder if this is what others (black belts in other styles) are going through or if it’s just me?

    It’s April 26th. Had a hell of a workout. I’ve been given every thing now. It’s a

strange feeling to know that there are no other forms to learn. Right now the

hardest part is remembering all those forms to the level where I don’t have to think about them any more. I’ve got most of them to that level and I really enjoy them once they are there. One thing that helps me is to imagine an opponent in front of me for

every move. It makes the form have a purpose. I’ll have to say I’m glad I’m doing

Al’s forms. I went online and watched a lot of katas and I don’t know how those

guys do it. I can see why it takes so long. So many random moves that don’t feed

into the next move. I’m really impressed with those who stick with it and get

through all those katas. Imagine if they had Al’s forms. I wonder what level

they’d be at now? Anyway, I practiced today before Al came and then again

tonight. I’m feeling like I got it. I’ll practice again in the morning before he comes.

    It’s April 27th. I got my BLACK BELT today! Wow! What a huge goal to finally

reach. I feel like I earned it as well. That’s important to me. I didn’t just want to be

given one for the sake that I put the time in. During freestyle today I found that

my reaction time was gone. It was just gone. No more reacting just awareness. My

forms felt good. Of course I can see that one could do the forms for years and

years and tweak them or work on grounding or breathing, or CBMing, etc but I

know them and know why I’m doing each and every move. We also did the Matrix

very fast today. Al was hitting harder but my arms aren’t sore at all. I can

confront the force. I think that’s really important. I can see why Al wanted me to

start with Karate. I’m betting if you’re able to confront the force those soft arts

will work really well. Man. I’m so jacked up right now.

    Some other things have occurred that that I didn’t expect. One was way out of left field and that was success. To go up all these levels has helped me to experience success. I can see now that success is vital in life. Those who have that ‘take it or leave it’ attitude are really doing themselves and those around them a disservice. For example, Al helped me through this journey. He helped me succeed. Because of that I’m taking that ‘succeed attitude’ into other parts of my life. Not even consciously

but just because it’s now a habit. I’m an actor by trade and when I started to

succeed in martial arts I started to succeed in acting. In one week I had 4

callbacks and booked another gig straight from my first audition. I’ve got a real nice

write up in a huge magazine for some stand up that I did. I also got distribution

for a web series that I write, direct and star in and I have just been nominated for

an award for most hilarious web series. There isn’t an agent on this planet that

wouldn’t love to have an actor with those kind of stats. Also, I’m succeeding with

my family. My two boys see me succeed and they are now succeeding in life. I

have a boy who is 5, he can now ride a bike and came home and told me what a

trapezoid was! What!?! When I was 5 I had a hard time with velcro! My 3 year

old spelled his name for me. Holy cow! But this stuff didn’t start to occur until I

started to succeed. I also have friends seeing me succeed and now they’re

interested in doing the same. Before that they just wanted to complain about how

life sucked. Now that I have switched from that victim viewpoint to a view of how

I can win at something they are coming around as well. All that because of Al.

    Another thing that I can now see is control. I now see what he’s talking about that

there is an art in destruction but the true art is in control. It’s actually a lot

more fun as well. It’s fun to finally take responsibility for my body and control it.

There is so much more that’s happening as well. Like my thirst to learn more. I

can see that even though I’m now an official black belt there are so many other

arts and so much more control I can learn. I can’t wait to learn more.

    Probably the biggest thing that I’ve realized through this whole thing

that Al and I went through really didn’t have much to do with me. Let me

explain. Although I was the one going though all this, it wasn’t about me. It was

about the people who watch this. Other students and instructors. Students can

watch this and can see what I’m going though so they know that there is a light at

the end of the tunnel. But the instructors who watch this will really benefit. They

are the leaders in the martial arts and have taken a huge responsibility to help

people. And coming from a student viewpoint having someone willing to help us is

so important to our survival. To have you there just plain helping is just as

important as putting food on the table. Otherwise why bother with life? To have

someone there helping me makes me want to help others. While Al was taping all

of this I noticed that he’d explain what he was doing as an instructor. What he

was looking at, or for in a student, etc. I didn’t understand why he would need to

tell me. I see now that he wasn’t talking to me but to the potential instructors who will

watch this. He’s making it so any instructor can succeed in their art of

instructing. And now after going though it I see that this is what is

really important. Imagine a world full of instructors who are so dedicated to the

craft of instructing that they watch these (tapes) and use them as a guide to make themselves better instructors. Where will the world of martial arts go to? I mean there is all kind of classes one can take but how many have you ever seen that show first hand experience on how to instruct? One that I know of.


    Fantastic win. I was surprised, and grateful, when he mentioned those things about me at the end. I don’t think about that stuff, actually, I just get into teaching. So, compliment appreciated.

    A couple of points I should make here. When I achieved Black Belt I experienced the sensation of ‘awakening,’ or enlightenment. This had to be a result in Matrix Karate, or the system couldn't be considered true.

    And, he experienced ‘Success.’ When I achieved my Black Belt I experienced ‘Sincerity.’ Different people experience different things, but they only experience them if the art they are studying is sufficiently true. Funny, I never thought of success as a virtue, but it really is. I really learned something from seeing his accomplishment. At any rate, if you didn’t experience a ‘wave’ or ‘sensation’ of a virtue of some sort, chances are your system wasn’t sufficiently true.

    Note his comments  about power just before he reached Brown Belt, and his remark about reaction time when he got his black belt.

    Very important that he lost his reaction time. You can’t have reaction time and be a real Black Belt. This is so much more significant than any of the other things that people associate with Black Belt. Building the body is fine, but to change the mind, to touch the spirit...that’s what it is all about.

    After achieving Black Belt you should notice that people around you are changed. The world exists in your mind. Change your mind, and you change the world.


    Now, time to discuss some of the things that I don’t want to talk about...mistakes.

    Watching the tapes you can see places where I changed directions mid stream. Sometimes these were mistakes. Sometimes I was adjusting the Matrix to fit EW. You’ll have to watch the tapes, compare them to the instructional material on ‘Matrix Karate,’ and Master Instructor Course’ and make up your own mind. In a pinch, you can always email me and ask me, but it’s better to examine a problem from all angles, solve it, and then, still confusion, ask away.

    Lessons eight and nine the camera malfunctioned. Half lessons for those.

    Lesson twenty-two a switch was accidentally flicked on the camera, and the images came out dark. I fixed this in the computer, but that lesson will be grainy, and the color will be off.

    Sometimes the sound is not the best. We were working on cement. I think I’ll probably get a rug, maybe a better mike, for the next tape. Of course, that depends on money. At any rate, if there is something that doesn’t come across well enough to understand, just email me.

    The real problem is that I have just taken a punch at all classical arts. That is not my intent; my intent is to make all arts better. But, the point is made, every Karate is a variation on the real thing, and I am the only person in the world that has the real Karate. Like it or not, that is the situation.

    If other people come out with three month programs, I would suggest you stay far away. They are copying me for the money; they do not have Matrixing, and Matrixing is the only way such a program could succeed.

    That brings us to how to use my program.

    If you are a beginner, you can learn fast and well. Be prepared to sweat. Get some friends so you can do the techniques, and have yourself a ball.

    If you are currently studying, excellent. Do not stop. Get the Matrix Karate program, get the Master Instructor program, get the Three Months to Black Belt program, and augment your studies. You will find that you learn faster, have less questions, and your art will be fantastic.

    If you are an advanced student, maybe even have your black belt, get this program and do it. You will find that everything in your current system, or even all the systems you know, will suddenly align and make sense like you never imagined.

    If you are an instructor...every few weeks I get an email from somebody who has made the Matrix Karate part of their school’s curriculum. There are different ways of doing this, and let me know what you come up with. But the point is this: my art is free to use. I am interested in sharing and improving, not in running some global corporation. So use, and let me know how it goes. Your success will be my pay.

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