I began writing for the martial arts magazines back in 1981. I had my own column in Inside Karate for a number of years during the ‘90s. During this millennia I discovered article marketing, and I have literally thousands of articles on the net.

IN SEARCH OF THE MASTER FOUNDER -- A touch of humor, and the exact path that is the Martial Arts laid out for all to view. Clears up any misunderstandings concerning titles and such. It also lets you know why I am The Master Founder...and why...there can be only one!

THE PERFECT STRIKE -- The first article I ever wrote, it is a short piece discussing the physics of the Perfect Strike. Interestingly, I had no idea that it had been accepted until I was walking through a grocery store and saw the title on the cover. My first thought was...’Someone stole my title!’

REAL LIFE RANKING SYSTEM -- Hey! That dojo belt is cool! But where are you in life?

THE DEPARTMENT OF MARTIAL ARTS! -- Big Brother is watching you, and charging you, and regulating you, and...

YOU MAY NOT BE A BLACK BELT! -- If you know what’s broken...

CBMing TO FIND THE TRUE ART! -- might be able to fix it.

CALLING ALL BASICS! -- How I began to construct my very own Classical Karate system!

THE SECRET OF ENERGY -- Understanding Chi (Ki) through basic physics principles.

ENTER THE BUTTERFLY -- A brand new Classical Kung fu, and I ain’t kiddin’.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE ART? -- A cold, hard look at what went wrong.

HOUSE TWO -- For those of you who liked the Form in ‘Calling All Basics!’

MR. CHOY & MR. LI -- Another great example of The Shaolin Butterfly!

ULTIMATE EMPTY-HAND EXERCISE -- Achieve perfect balance quickly and easily!

MAIL ORDER MANIA! -- A comprehensive education concerning mail order.

MONKEY IN A BOX -- A great drill (with techniques) for entering groundwork!

MAKING KARATE AN INTERNAL ART -- A simple primer on finding and using the natural energy of you!

ENTERING THE PA KUA UNIVERSE -- An astounding treatise that explains Pa Kua Chang.

FIVE ANIMAL TAI CHI CHUAN -- Five ways to shake up your Tai Chi practice, and make it an even larger vehicle of discovery.

INTENTION THROWS -- Throw somebody without touching them? Nah. Uh. Well...maybe...?

HOW TO MASTER ALL ARTS -- Sure, why not. And for lunch I’ll eat China.

CARJACKING -- The down and dirty on one of the most dangerous situations you can encounter.

FIGHTING FOR CHI! -- Describes the Three Levels of the Martial Arts, and how to progress through them. Very smart stuff put into simple concepts that makes sense.

THE ULTIMATE AND DEFINITIVE CHI -- If you ever wanted to completely understand what the big mystery about Chi is...this is the article.

DE-ARMING THE ARM -- Everything you need to know to attack an attacker’s attack.

DEATH BEFORE INCOMPETENCE -- The toughest class I ever taught.

THE END OF THE ART -- A rather stunning look at how to become enlightened through the Martial Arts.

OPENING THE DRAGON -- How to become wise by transforming your technique.

MAY THE FORM BE WITH YOU -- What the body feels like after thirty years is truly incredible!

THE BAG FROM HELL! -- The bag too tough to kick!

ALL ARTS ARE THE SAME -- Just don’t look too deeply.

KARATE GRAB ARTS -- Brutal, efficient, bone breaking.



I USED KARATE TO HAVE THE STRONGEST MIND IN THE WORLD! -- Enlightenment on a shoestring budget!

THREE WAYS OF UNDERSTANDING MATRIX MARTIAL ARTS! -- Three excellent analogies for understanding this thing called Matrixing!

HOW TO BREAK BOAR DS WITH YOUR HEAD REALLY GOOD!-- Get your free band aids right here!


Monster Martial Arts

    My first article, ‘The Perfect Strike,’ appeared in Kick Illustrated in 1982.

    I wrote the column, ‘Case Histories,’ for Inside Karate for years.

    Many of my articles appeared in other periodicals, such as ‘Masters & Styles,’ and ‘Martial Arts Masters.’

    I had one article appear in Black Belt Magazine.

    An article was eventually written on me in Inside Kung Fu.