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The Gunfighter Mentality!

One of the most important things you can have, if you want to be a good fighter, inside the ring or out, is the gunfighter mentality. The best fighters have this intuitively in their personality. The rest of us have to work to develop it.

Interestingly enough, the Gunfighter Mentality used to be part and parcel of the classical martial arts. I remember training back in the sixties, and everything we did was geared towards this ability. While there were many factors involved in the death of this principle, Bruce Lee was probably the nail in the coffin.

In stillness you watch...

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Bruce added circling and bouncing to the martial arts. The Gunfighter Mentality depends on stillness, being coiled like a snake, and here was this fellow acting like Mohammad Ali, circling and jabbing and destroying the mindset of the Gunfighter. Now Bruce Lee would have won most any fight anyway, but a generation copied him, and they gave up the deadly zen stillness of the Gunfighter.

Stillness is the heart of the matter, when it comes to the Gunfighter Mentality, and there are several good reasons or this. There was much interchange between zen concepts and karate in Japan, and people who sat in the zen position for long hours began to see the benefits of sitting, waiting, and cultivating silence. In the silence one could see, could perceive, could empty themselves enough that their intuitive nature would take over.

You see the turn of foot

before the launch of technique.

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When one is silent, just sitting, when one does nothing, the senses begin to work better. Try it, just sit in a chair comfortably and do nothing for a while. The world will start to intrude on you, tell you things, become brighter, louder, more obvious.

Once the student begins to appreciate that his perceptions, and thus reactions, will work better in stillness, the real work can begin. In silence you corkscrew your stance downward, into the ground, and search for the best set of the leg, the best position to spring from. In the silence you examine the angle of the hip and the turn of the foot, trying to make every single part of the body into totally responsive and explosive mechanisms.

You wait till the exact moment

when he has committed.

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Freestyle matches, instead of bouncing around and wasting energy, become subtle shifts of weight and edgings forward. Instead of throwing a hundred punches, you set yourself up to throw one, but every ounce of your might would be instilled in that one punch. And, most important, you walked away from that type of martial arts training a different person, an aware person, a patient person.

The Gunfighter Mentality in the martial arts pretty are much dead, and it is unfortunate. Because I believe that if the fighters of today began developing the Gunfighter Mentality the Martial Arts would take a turn for the better. We might not have all the brouhaha and spectacle of the modern UFC, but we would have more deaths in the ring. (Come on! It’s a joke!)

It’s easy if you’ve got the patience



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The fellow on the left is Rod Martin, who ran Rod Martin’s Kenpo Karate in Los Altos back in the sixties, and was my first instructor.

Note that this is a real tournament, not a pose. As I described in the opening article, the gunfighter mentality was in high use. Opponents would edge towards each other, get as close as they could, no bouncing or circling, and then strike like snakes.

Rod and his opponent are about as close to each other as they can get before striking.

It is obvious that Rod is going to launch, and his opponent is trying to distract with the high right hand, while planning an evasion.

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My favorite analogy, when it comes to Matrixing, is the Library Analogy.

Imagine a library with all the pages of all the books tossed into a big pile. Now how are you going to find page 243 of that copy of Doctor Suess you’ve been looking for, eh?

What Matrixing does is put all the pages back in the books, and all the books backon the shelves, and give you a card catalog tohelp you find anything at any time.

That mugger on the street wants to throw a garbage can at you?

You don’t even think. The card catalog pops open, the book flies off the shelf and opens to the right page right in front of your eyes, and the technique pops out of you so slick and smooth that the mugger calls the police and asks to be arrested.

The funny thing think I’m kidding.

No. I am not kidding.

A little matrixing and everything goes into order in your mind, all the technqiues of all your arts, and you suddenly have combat intuition.

Matrix Karate has the core principles of all Matrixing.


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I told you one of the ways Neutronics works for me last issue. Let me go a little further, let me help you step a little further.

After a number of years in the martial arts I noticed that when I was in a certain mood, the traffic lights were always green.

I could go from one side of town to the other and never hit a red light. Weird, eh?

The game, then, became to cause myself to always be in that mood. And I helped myself do that by doing more martial arts, creating more discipline, taking charge of the structure of the universe by putting my awareness into it.

It got to the point where, when I was in that mood, I would see a traffic light a quarter mile away and I would snap my fingers and it would change.

But, again, the trick is to always be in that mood.

So how do you get in that mood?

Every time you meet a person make them glow. Simply say something nice to them. Tell them they look good. Admire them. Enjoy them and smile in delight when you see them.

If you do that, and increase your discipline with more and more martial arts, the traffic lights will, one day, all turn green for you.

Doesn’t matter how many cars are on the road, or what the timing of the lights is...they will work for you.

That is how Neutronics works.

Matrixing your Martial Arts, of course, will make it work all the sooner.

Have a Neutronic Day.



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Here’s a fun story and a shameless ad!



There were three of them!

They waited outside the grocery store

for his groceries, for his wallet, for his life.

All three were taller then him, and they certainly outweighed him. They wore dirty clothes and weren’t shaved, one of them had a series of grinning skulls tattooed around his filthy neck.

During the day Ed had seen these three hanging around, making rude remarks to ladies, laughing at hard working people, and now it looked like they had upped the stakes: they were going to mug him.

No rude remarks now, no mocking laughter, just a rush of bodies from the sides.

Ed tossed his bag of groceries to the side, where they landed softly, the bag upright and not even breaking, and moved into the Butterfly footwork.

Cross stepping, spinning, Ed felt one thug fall past him. As the second thug reached him Ed lurched backward and passed the punch, then executed a palm bone to the clavicle. The second mugger fell to the ground with a broken collar bone, he would be in a cast for two months, and his shoulders would set so that the right one would be always higher than the left.

The third mugger, probably the cowardly leader of the trio, came at Ed with a raised club.

Ed side stepped and wedged a spear hand against the side of the mugger’s neck.

There was a gacking sound from the throat, and an almost inaudible click. The mugger was unconscious; he wasn’t even aware of his body falling to the hard cement.

The first mugger had gotten up. In the dim light Ed more perceived than saw the knife the mugger had flicked open.


Ed had no patience for such rudeness: when the mugger surged forward he move sideways and broke his elbow between his forearms. Then he punched the pressure point one inch below and to the side of the nipple--the mugger was as good as gone right then; he froze as the pain lanced out through his whole body.

Ed took advantage of the moment and stepped through with a slashing elbow.

The mugger’s skull cracked, his neck whiplashed, and he fell to the ground. 

Ed looked around. Score, muggers-0...Ed-3. He scooped his groceries up and sauntered down the street. He knew that the clerk inside the store was dialing the police, and he should stick around, but darn! He had ice cream in his grocery bag, and he didn’t want it to melt!

Ed knew an art called the Shaolin Butterfly. Surprisingly, he hadn’t been studying it long, it was just so quick and easy and logical to learn that he had been able to use it instantly.

In the Butterfly there are six basic forms, and these are the real heart of the system.

In these six forms the footwork has been matrixed, that means the footwork has been made scientific and logical.

Not wandering and meandering, but plain and concise, and without losing any of the deadly concepts that are inherent in excellent Shaolin.

Actually, to be truthful, because the forms are matrixed, the deadly concepts are even deadlier, and easier to learn.

With the logic of matrixing the truth of Shaolin literally bursts out.

And, if that isn’t enough, there are four advanced forms: the Butterfly, the Monkey, the Dragon, and the Tiger.

These four forms, because they are based on the logic of the nine square footwork diagram, will deliver you Shaolin power faster than any method in existence.

AND, if that isn’t enough, you will receive complete training in the freestyle method of Lop Sau (Circling hands). In fact, the Shaolin Butterfly is the only art in existence that has been formulated exactly to the dimensions of Lop Sau. This is THE FIRST TIME in history that an art has been so designed.


Now here are a couple of things that might interest people who are totally dedicated, the footwork of the Shaolin Butterfly leads directly into the footwork of Pa Kua Chang, which means that if one knows both the Butterfly and Pa Kua, they will be able to slide from the hard to the soft and back again easier than a white hot knife will slice through warm and delicious butter. This is THE FIRST TIME in the history of the martial arts that this has been made possible.


The six basic forms that will instantly make you a potent Shaolin artist.

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You get two DVDs, a 120 page book  on CD (PDF format only), and the fastest darn Shaolin on the planet!


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