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The Right Way to Take a Gun Away from a Thug!

I was teaching a karate class some years ago, and I had a student whose father would go to the bar next door and imbibe while his son was getting strong and healthy. One day, after class, the father staggers in, and he actually has a gun, and he points it at me and tells me that that karate crap won’t do me any good if a guy has a gun. So I took the gun away from him and grinned.

Yes, it is possible to take a gun away from somebody, even when they are pointing it directly at your face. I did it, and I will tell you exactly how I did it in this article. That said, and even considering what I am about to tell you in this article, I recommend giving your money to an attacker, not risking your face against volatile discharge.


When somebody points a gun at you, you must consider which way the communication is flowing. The typical scenario is a fellow steps forward and points the gun at you, and he says he will shoot. The intent of the communication is towards you.

Moving in a way, and at a speed, that demonstrates total compliance, you can raise your hands, and put them in a position that is best for what you are about to do. I have to tell you that you will have to decide, through a little practice, what position is best. The most important point, however, is that you calm your mind, and relax your muscles entirely and utterly.


Now, the fellow says to give him your money, and this is the point you have been waiting for. At this point the intent of the communication is towards him, and away from you. At this point he is not intending to shoot because he expects you to move towards him.

The trick behind this exercise, as I said, is to have utterly calm mind and totally relaxed muscles. Shift your head off the line of attack, away from the direction the gun will move in when you hit his wrist. Moving both hands you slap the inside of his wrist as you grab the gun.

Slapping the inside of his wrist will mess up his muscles, and there may be a discharge of the weapon, but the gun should have angled so it will miss you. With practice, and specifically practice of the technique and of the ability to be relaxed in one position in space, and then assume another position in space, you can actually refine your technique and try different methods of controlling the gun.

Having said all the above, let me say that the technique won’t work if the fellow is too far away, if he is not interested in getting your money, but rather kidnapping you for purposes of domination, or if you just read this article and never practiced it...a few thousand times, I also want to say that the reason I wrote this article is for purposes of enlightenment in dire situation, for training purposes, not to give you the idea that risking your life is more important than money. And, I want to let you know that when the fellow is  caught and goes to trial, it is going to be a lot of fun to go point a little laughter in his face.

In this close up you can see the potentials in this move. You can stick your hand in his throat, control his face, claw his eyes. The other hand controls the elbow and if you turn the body to the right it is incredibly easy to slam his body on the ground. Taking a gun away, in this position, is almost a no brainer.


For A Kicking Good Time!

Kicks are one of the best weapons you can develop. Not only are kicks cardio intensive, giving an instant sweat during a work out, but they are one of the best weapons you can have. After all, most people don’t know how to use their legs, and if you do, instant advantage.

Of course, kicks take a little extra effort to make work. But if you take your time and do learn the types of kicks in the proper can have power popping kicks of the first magnitude. That said, let’s discuss the proper order of kicks.

The first kick is merely stand and kick. No stances, you can even put your hand on the wall, and  do them moderate speed. The idea here is to look at your legs and how your body has to move to generate them.


The second kick is going to be out of stances. Take a simple front snap kick, groin level to begin, and learn how to apply it from the rear leg in a front stance. Go through all your stances, kicking with the foot you are not standing on.


the east, then the south. You can start from a standing position, then work through your stances.

Now, some things to remember as you go through these four stages. Don’t be one of these ten kick and quit people. Do a hundred kicks, two hundred, three hundred.

The idea is to make your legs as agile as your hands. So practice your kicks and learn how to do a lot of relaxing. Soon your kicks will be light and easy, second nature, and able to end any fight with a mere flick.

The Power Kicks Course is free

when you purchase Matrix Karate. This is a DVD with form, techniques, and all that great Matrixing Data! Simply go to Matrix Karate at Monster Martial Arts.



A Faster Way of Learning Martial Arts!

Wham, bam and slam! You end up on the ground! You have just been beaten within an inch of your life!

After you heal, you explore the martial arts. But they are so expensive, and people want to put you on expensive contracts, and it takes years to earn a black belt. Well, it used to take years to earn a black belt, unless you know about Matrix Karate.

Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and direction. It enables a person to learn entire art forms within months. Not in the years and decades previously thought, but in mere months!

To understand Matrixing you have to make a couple of analogies. First, the mind is like a computer, accessing data at a phenomenal rate. Second, you have to understand the theory of fragmentation.

I don’t intend to take you on a long trip here, but to understand fragmentation you have to analogize the mind to a library. Information is stored in the mind like books on the shelves of a library. Solving a problem can be related to finding a book on a shelf in that library of your mind.

When you go looking for a book you can run to the card index and find where the book is. Then you run down the rows to where the book is. Then you simply take the book to the front desk and check it out.

Fragmentation is when there are spaces in the shelves, and the books have been put in the wrong

Is an image fuzzy? Too small? Drag and drop to your computer, open and resize. Yippee!


Al, just wanted to touch base and say thanks again. Let me explain. I received the Temple videos a while ago and was going through them. A couple of the forms I recognized from my Isshin Ryu days. The Moon is the old Seisan Kata and the Iron Horse is what we called Nihanchi Kata. However, your versions made much more sense especially after learning Matrixing. Many of the old Okinowan Kata were based on a real fighting experience of the man who developed the Kata, i.e. Siesan, Chinto etc.. Nihanchi was said to be a way to fight when you were either standing on the dyke of a rice paddy or fighting with your back against the wall hence the lateral movement. My problem with these forms is that I doubt I will ever fight on a rice field dyke or fight the same people Chinto did. I preferred the Wing Chun forms as they were developed to practice the basics of that style and are therefore more productive. This is how I see the House and Matrix forms, practicing the basics, and covering all the basics. I went back over the Matrix program and learned more the second time. I now teach students the Matrix program as well as my Kempo, and Wing Chun. I first teach the basics, then the small matrix. Once the students grasp this the house and Matrix forms are easy for them to learn, and they practice at home which hones their performance of the basics. I do not, or should I say did not use Kempo forms in teaching Kempo (I learned a derivative of Parkers Kenpo that teaches just the application from the forms, not the forms themselves). I learned a while ago that the only way to learn how to fight was to fight not to spar. However, the rhythmic freestyle sparring is great. I teach an application or combo show the students how to fit it in to rhythmic sparring  and let them go. They pick it up in no time and they become very inventive. Another great thing is that matrixing fits all. (I have applied it to)  Kyosho Ryu Kenpo System. Matrixing fits!

Keep on doing what your doing, it's been very helpful to me and the people I teach. Respectfully, Kurt A. Nell


High satisfaction.

Lots of wins came in this month (that’s my real statistic), you can read one in the letters.

And, working on Matrix Shaolin. This is one of those things I have been meaning to do for years, but haven’t been able to, but...the time has come. Cap off the Shaolin, show people the how and the why behind the Butterfly. A real labor of love.

And, getting close to the big release I’ve been planning. I’m hoping to announce it with a whole Monster Journal, but we’ll see. This thing is so big I’m being careful, not committing myself, making sure that everything is just right.

Gonna change the face of the Martial Arts!

And the heart and soul, too.

And even a bit of society!

Enjoy this issue, and send me wins. I love wins...they make me big.~~~Al

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The third kick is to use your weight leg for the kicking. This means you kick with the leg you are standing on. Again, go through your stances, but this time figure out how to hop so that the leg you do not have weight on replaces the leg you are standing on, and the leg you are standing on does the kick.

The fourth kick is to explore the direction you are kicking in. This is going to require some quick contortions of the body. First kick north, then set up and do the kick to the west, then



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Now it was so tightly packed that John couldn’t even throw people. He resorted to slapping groins, flicking throats, and poking eyeballs. Within seconds, the neo-nazis couldn’t get to him, he was surrounded by heaps of their own maimed and crying friends, and they began to back up.

John stopped walking the circle.

He wasn’t breathing hard, he just stared at them. They were broken, and he knew it.

The preceding scene is not only possible, it is likely, should a fellow who has studied Butterfly Pa Kua Chang find himself in such straights.

This is the Art that builds lightening legs; this is the Art which recognizes the True Power of the Palm.

Anybody who studies this Art is definitely protected in all directions.

The question, of course, up to this point, is where does one learn it?

Stories of having to go to China, of having to be accepted by old Masters abound.

Well, the good news is that Monster Martial Arts has the Butterfly Pa Kua Chang Course.

This course is the logical  extension of Shaolin (as presented in the Shaolin Butterfly), and it is the only course which shows how to translate footwork from Shaolin to Circle Walking, and Art from hard to soft.

Most important, because of Matrixing technology, Butterfly Pa Kua Chang can be learned quickly and easily...and there will be mystical bushwah to confuse you!

This is not an Art filled with mysticism; this is an Art filled with logic.

Already semi-matrixed, full matrixing fills in the missing pieces, isolates the scope of techniques, and makes good, hard sense of it.

Now, how much would you pay for such an Art?

How much would you pay to lay bare the mysticisms, and have the true functionality of the circle?

A thousand?


Let’s see, ten years of walking the circle under the eyes of some dour fellow who never offers advice, just criticizes...

How about $29.85.

Plus Shipping and Handling.

You get a CD (PDF format) with an instruction manual.

You get two DVDs containing in depth instructions, and truck loads of data concerning applications.

To get this course go to:


places. Simply, the filing system is messed up. The information is there, but you can’t find it.

The martial arts, to be honest, are taught in haphazard fashion. Arts are put together conglomerations of tricks from different countries, different cultures, tainted by vested interest, and so on. Simply, everybody who has ever taught the martial arts has ‘spun’ them, and the result is that they are a hopeless mangle.

What Matrixing does is put the books back on the shelves and in the right order. It arranges your martial techniques in an order that is so easy to access that it becomes almost instantly intuitive. When the muggers comes at you next time he is going to find himself on the wrong end of a very fast and intuitive fist!

Matrix Karate has the core principles of all Matrixing.


The first real Martial Arts novels are available at:

Monster Journal is Copyright © 2011 by Alton H. Case


John had never been to a protest, and he thought he was just going to hear some speeches, and maybe go to a barbecue afterwards.

Suddenly, in seconds, he was surrounded by hundreds of bottle-throwing, screaming protesters.

These weren’t the invited crowd, the voters interested in learning about the issues, these were shaved headed, neo-nazis. These were punks with clubs and nothing but evil on their minds, and they didn’t care that the people facing them were families.

The gathered crowd tried to scatter, but there were too many of them. People fell to the street, children were shoved aside, one old fellow in a wheel chair was turned over and lay helpless before the marching, screaming thugs.

Johnny moved through the crowd. He untangled people, helped people to their feet, moved people to the side.

Still the throng of sneering Neo Nazis came closer. Their jackboots made a rumble on the ground, and the first wave of them launched forward, swinging their clubs into the crowd.

Panic set in.

Police were helpless.

Blood and broken bones,

Then Johnny really began to move.

He weaved under a club and thrust a palm out. The miscreant he attacked was launched up and back, and struck into the ranks of his fellows.

Like pins before a bowling ball, the thugs were bowled over, and Johnny had just started.

He walked around a charging punk like he was standing still, hooked his arm, and swung him back into the crowd of Hitler followers. More bodies hit the ground.

And he side-stepped, ducked, swung bodies this way and that, and suddenly it was the neo-nazis that were in confusion.

They had come with a plan, a plan of chaos and brutal violence, and now one slender fellow--a fellow who could move like lightening--was undoing them all!

A mother held her two children and screamed, and watched as the thugs tried to gang John.