(October ‘95/#14)

A Dojo Widow is that young maid who has been abandoned for the sweat and bruises of the training hall. Who, might I ask, is the fool who would abandon the lure of a sweet young thing for the agony of the training hall? Well, whoever that fool is he should know that ‘what goes around comes around...’

The young beauty walked with a veil on her face

the young man stood at the altar in place

he would love her forever she truly knew

but she didn’t know what their love would go through

a ring was passed and a pact was made

but soon the deal would begin to fade

soon she would learn what life had in store

for the young man’s heart was on the dojo floor

That night she waited, atremble in her heart

a wedding consummated was just the start

but the young man turned and headed for the door

his art was waiting at a martial store

Bewildered she sat and when he returned

he was too sore for duty she sadly learned

She hoped the next night he wouldn’t be sore

but karate seemed to call him forevermore

Her life was set in a permanent mold

she did the cleaning but lust was on hold

and night after night she stared at the door

while her man went to practice the art that was war

As life went on the maid grew sour

with an anger within that began to flower

and every night her bitterness grew

until, at last, the anger broke through

He returned one night, weary and sore

she met him with a club as he came through the door

he tried to block but rage made her fast

he tried to dodge but he just couldn’t last

the bones in his arms snapped with a crack

he tried to kick but his legs got a whack

the death touch he applied to her neck was a joke

and soon it was him that started to croak

Then, as he struggled, she dragged him to bed

had her way and left him for dead

now when he trains there’s a purpose in mind

he always makes sure he’s at home on time

Monster Martial Arts