Shaolin is the birthplace of the martial arts.

It's been around for thousands of years.

Thousands of arts have been inspired

or had their beginnings at Shaolin.

I won't argue the importance of Shaolin,

but I will argue something else.

It's had a long time to get screwed up!

I don't mean anything personal by that.

But if you put twenty people in a row and

have them whisper a secret one to another,

you aren't going to end up with the same secret.

That's a fact.

And the result is that Shaolin is a huge, conglomeration of arts.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of arts today

that call themselves Shaolin.

And they often claim that they are the 'true' Shaolin.

So how do you get to the truth of Shaolin?

How do you get to those die hard concepts

that the ancients put together and passed down?

Well, the goods news is you don't have to go out and rent a time machine.

All you have to do is take the Shaolin Butterfly Course.

Here's what you get:

121 pages of text.

DVDs showing:

the original Butterfly forms,

the Nine Square Forms,

and TONS of applications.


   Within a month I was able to do each of the forms well.

     Then a few months later I had people asking me to teach them this martial art.


When you take this course you will learn:

six specific concepts that underline the major Shaolin arts,

footwork that ties Shaolin to Pa Kua Chang.

(Nobody has ever seen this before!)

And, again, TONS of applications!

And everything will be matrixed.

The footwork is so logical that you will absorb it in one day!

The concepts will download into your brain faster

than cookies down a child's throat!

You will be able to know Shaolin,

logically and in your bones,

Now, how much should you pay for something that will

demystify, decorrupt, and resurrect the Shaolin arts?

And, how much would you pay for en entire Shaolin Art

An art that will...demystify, decorrupt, and resurrect?

Well, consider the price of a couple of months of lessons...


Was two hundred bucks!

Now it is only $30!

That's right. That's all. Oh, man, what a deal.

Was two hundred bucks!

Now it is only $30!

You get one CD (121 page booklet-PDF format)

Two DVDs.

An entire Shaolin Art for only thirty bucks!

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