That’s nine arts

with tons of applications

25% OFF

Nine arts on DVD....

  1. BulletPan Gai Noon

  2. BulletKang Duk Won Korean Karate

  3. BulletKwon Bup American Karate

  4. BulletPa Kua Chang

  5. BulletInfinite Fist

  6. BulletPa Kua Chang and the Infinite Fist

  7. BulletTen Hands Basic Pa Kua Chang

  8. BulletTeacup Medium Pa Kua Chang

  9. BulletEight Animals Pa Kua Chang

    There is some repetition of the Pa Kua arts, but don’t worry, you’ll also be getting bonuses like these books on CD (PDF):

  1. BulletBuddha Crane Karate

  2. BulletCreate Your Own Art

  3. BulletBuddha Crane Karate

  4. BulletMatrixing Dictionary

    And that sort of thing.

Let’s see,

if you studied each art for three years

at $50 a month,

or $600 a year,

times nine,


that’ll be


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I forgot,

this is a special.

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